11 Tips Fit Pros Can Use to Improve Their Social Media

There are numerous ways that you can improve your social media content, but I know if you’re like me you don’t have hours of free time to try read countless articles and blog posts.  So here are 11 quick tips you can start implementing straight away that will help!

1. Use images often. They increase engagement with your fans.  This reach almost my entire fan base at the time.

Facebook Tips for Fit Pros

2. Share video’s on Facebook as they will get you the best reach, but make sure to upload it straight to your Facebook account instead of sharing a link.  Here is an example of an extremely successful posts for one of our marketing campaigns that I helped set up with the Institute of Motion.

Monster Post

3. Mix up your content type; videos, links, long posts, images, questions, etc.

4. Always try to use a Call to Action (CTA). Let your fans know what you want them to do.

5. Be real and amplify what makes you who you are.

6. Don’t be overly promotional.

Social Media Tips For Personal Trainer

7. Repurpose your content on your different social platforms.

Social Media Tip for Personal Trainers

8. Always be trying to add value to your fans with your posts.

9. Focus on helping your fans; stop thinking about what YOU want to talk about, instead think about what they NEED to hear. Help them to solve problems, answer questions and give them actionable advice or tips that will help move them closer to achieving their goals.

10. Determine what the relevant hashtags are, and then use them often.Hashtags for Fit Pros

11. Try to respond to ALL mentions, messages and tags. This will often start conversations and builds up relationships. Never forget social media isn’t a one way channel.


2 thoughts on “11 Tips Fit Pros Can Use to Improve Their Social Media

  1. Jill Tomich

    Re-purpose your content. Such great advice Scott. If you spend the time to create awesome content, it’s easier to re-hash than write something new!

    1. Scott Rawcliffe Post author

      And since only a percentage of your audience sees your content it just makes sense to put it out there again.


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