The Fit Pro Podcast with Brett Klika



This week we’ve got Brett Klika on the show. Although Brett looks like he just graduated from high school, he’s been in the industry for well over a decade,. Brett travels around the world speaking at a number of fitness and corporate events and just recently was awarded personal trainer of the year by the IDEA Health & Fitness Organization. Brett works with both professional baseball players and your everyday Joe and Jane, but what Brett is really passionate about is working with kids.

To Find Out More About Bret check out his website:

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • We discuss the “No Weight Training for Kids” debate
  • Why kids are becoming so unfit and unhealthy
  • How to motivate kids to exercise
  • Motor Development of kids
  • What skills you should work on with different age kids
  • Whether education is an issue for childhood obesity
  • Training High School aged athletes
  • Starting a sports conditioning program
  • And so much more

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Underground Workout

Spider Fit Kids