The Fit Pro Podcast with Anthony Carey



This week I’ve got Anthony Carey on the show. I’ve known Anthony for almost a year now and when in comes to people in chronic pain; Anthony is the one to call. Anthony has worked in the fitness field for over 21 years and has presenting all over the world at numerous conventions. He owns Function First in San Diego, my favourite city on earth, is an author of The Pain Free Program & Relationships and Referrals, as well as numerous published articles, the inventor of the Core Tex and a consultant to some of the industry’s leading companies. He also has clients fly in to see him from all over the world.

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Dealing with Clients in Chronic Pain
  • What drives chronic pain
  • Whether we are doing a good job with corrective exercise prescription
  • The state of the industry when it comes to assessing clients
  • Anthony’s biggest lessons during his 20+ years

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: