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This week I’ve done something a little bit different. If you’ve ever been to one of Perform Better’s 3 day summit’s then you know how hard it is to pick which session to go to, so this weeks show is a bit of a spin off of Mike Boyle’s Handicapping Perform article he writes every year. Last year I met Danny Jaockowicz or Danny Twoguns as most know him in Chicago. Danny is a bit of a regular and has not only attended the first 2 summits this year, but I think he’s attended all but 1 the last 3 years. Since I’ll be attending Perform Better’s Long Beach summit on August 8-10th, I decided to have Danny to share what he’s learned so far at the summits, along with the help give you some clarity on which sessions to go to. But even if you’re not going to be attending the Long Beach event there’s still some great information at the start of the show.

And don’t forget about Coach Dos’ 5th Annual Animal Shelter Pub Crawl, where all the money raised goes to the Castaic Animal Shelter in Santa Clarita. Even if you’re not going, if you want to help a great cause head over to to leave a donation.

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2 thoughts on “The Perform Better Special

    1. Scott Rawcliffe Post author

      Been looking forward to getting to your pub crawl for a couple years now. Glad I’m finally able to make it!!


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