3 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Post Reach for Fit Pros

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With more and more businesses turning to Facebook it’s getting harder to get your message seen. Nearly every time the topic of Facebook comes up at a convention I’m speaking at someone complains about the lack of reach their posts are getting now.

Facebook for Personal Trainers

But instead of complaining about this, take it as constructive criticism that maybe your audience doesn’t like what you’re sharing. Basically, the less your fans click on your posts, the further down Facebook’s algorithm your page gets pushed. So it’s actually your fault that your posts are showing up to your fans.

Don’t worry though because I’m going to share with you X ways that you can start to get your posts to show up in your fans newsfeed again.


  1. Start using video’s

As of right now, video’s are getting the best organic reach (non ads) on Facebook and I don’t see this changing any time soon. As of June 2015 there are 4 Billion video views a day on Facebook. So jump on this trend.

And just take a look at how quickly Facebook video’s have been growing!

Facebook Tips for Personal Trainers
One little tip when creating your video is to try to make the start of your video’s stand out and grab people’s attention. Just think about how fast you scroll through your newsfeed. If you’re not catching people’s attention then they probably won’t stop to watch it.  Also, try not to say anything that your viewer needs to hear in the first 5 seconds because until they tap the screen or un-mute the video, they won’t hear anything.

  1. Ask Your Fans


Ask Microphone Questions Answers Cord Inquiry

Instead of just assuming you know what they want to see, actually ask them what type of content they would like you to share. This way you know for a fact you’re giving your fans stuff they will engage in. And if you’re not sure what to post, just copy this:

What Do You Want?

We don’t want to be like all those other pages out there and just post useless stuff.   We want to provide you great stuff that actually helps, so let us know in the comments section what types of things you like to see more of on our page. For example, would you like more recipes, quick home workouts, motivational quotes or simple cooking tips. Or is there something else you want? Let us know, we’re all ears!


  1. Client Shout-outs

Facebook Marketing for Gyms

Start featuring client results or just a group picture of a great group training session on a regular basis. Pick a day of the week and share one of these EVERY week. And then be sure to tag your clients in the post.

And before you say that you can’t do that, give me a second to explain. Pages are only allowed to tag other pages, so that’s why you’re not able to tag clients. But all you need to do is switch to your personal profile once you’ve already posted the picture on your business page and tag your client. The only time this will not work is if that client has set up their privacy settings that doesn’t allow this.

Here is a quick video that shows you how to do it:


So there are 3 ways you can start to get more of your posts to start to reach more fans that won’t cost you a cent! Now get to it.





4 thoughts on “3 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Post Reach for Fit Pros

  1. Vito

    great share Scott! You’re spot on and I struggle with this at times too and been watching your stuff and working to set these changes in our top of funnel content. Thanks for being Social megia guru even though you crash at my house all the time and never share this stuff with me, thanks dude 🙂

    1. Scott Rawcliffe Post author

      Thanks Vito! I guess you’ll have to take me out for breakfast next time and maybe I’ll share my super social media secrets!

  2. Brad

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean about that last point. Are you saying to post the picture on my page, then go back to my personal and just put the clients name in a personal status update? Then it links it together?

    Hopefully I’m clear with my question. Thanks for any help you provide!

    1. Scott Rawcliffe Post author

      Hey Brad – you’ve almost got it. Once you’ve clicked over to your personal profile you would then find that picture, click on it, then click the tag button. This will allow you to tag your clients. But I’ll go make up a video and post it into the blog so it fully makes sense.


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