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FPP #38 – Assessments & Corrective Exercise with Joe Arko

corrective exercise

This week I’ve on Joe Arko on the podcast. Joe is a trainer, speaker and facility owner in Toronto.  He’s also the creator of the ACT (Assess-Correct-Train) workshop.

To Find Out More About Joe:

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Find Out More About ACT:

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Whether postural assessments transfer to movement
  • Why there isn’t “one” thing to look at when assessing
  • The common mistakes fit pros make when doing assessments
  • Joe’s 4 step approach to developing a corrective program
  • Why you shouldn’t do corrective exercise at the start of your workout
  • And so much more


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Handicapping IDEA World 2015

IDEA World Collage 3

Every year before I head over to speak at IDEA World, I whip up a summary of my picks for the convention. Choosing your sessions is always the most difficult part of going to any convention.

And since IDEA World is the largest fitness convention in the entire United States and they bring in the best presenters in the industry, this could potentially be the hardest one to pick your sessions. Although the Perform Better summits are always extremely difficult too!

NOTE: This are my personal preferences, and does not mean that other sessions are not worth going to. These would just be my choices.




So this is the 2015 version of “Handicapping the IDEA World Fitness Convention”.


Wednesday – Preconference Sessions

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

If you’re going to start IDEA World early, then I’d either attend the TRX Functional Training Course or Book Yourself Solid.

After Fraser tell me at FILEX all about the massive revamp that they have been working on for the TRX Course, I know this would be a day well spent! That, and the fact that my boy Michael Piercy is teaching it, you can’t go wrong.

Although I was not able to listen to Shannon’s session at IDEA PTI West (I had a session in the same time slot) I was lucky enough to spend a little bit of time with Michael Port (the author of Book Yourself Solid) at FILEX last year. His information is great, and is very applicable to fitness. Something most people don’t realise is he actually worked in fitness centers for a number of years!



Block C (7-7:45am)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

If you’re going to start early and get a workout in I’d either be headed to Dan McDonogh’s TRX Flow session, Shannon Fable & Brett Klika’s Rookie Rumble or check out Jeremy Shore & Aimee Nicotera’s D-Max POWER session.   Dan is an awesome presenter, and with his new position at Under Armour who knows how many chances you’ll get to attend a session run by him. If this is your first time going to IDEA World, then make sure you attend the Rookie Rumble.


Block D (8:10-10am)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

This time block has two huge leader in the fitness industry, so it’s a tough call between Mark Verstegen and John Berardi. I can guarantee I’ll be in Mark’s EXOS: Every Day is Game Day session because he’s one of my favourite presenters to listen to. So when I get a chance, I jump on the opportunity to listen to him speak. But John’s Precision Nutrition: How to Fix a Broken Diet is a great session as well, and will be filled with excellent information no doubt.

Block F (2-3:50pm)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

There are 3 presentations that stand out to me in this session, but it will really come down to what will serve your clients the best to which one you choose here. Lenny Parracino’s 3-D Flexibility and Strength and Cassidy Phillips Myosfascial Compression Techniques sessions will both be outstanding choices if you’re trying to get your clients to move better. And I know from experience they are both extremely knowledgeable presenters who always share great information.

But if you’re training baby boomers then make sure to get to Cody Sipe’s Functional Power for the Older Adult session. I’m actually off to speak Cody’s Functional Aging Summit this weekend and can tell you first hand that when it comes to this demographic he really knows his stuff!


Block G (4:10-5:40pm)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

After a full day of learning you might find you need a little pick me up and you’ve got 3 great choices if you want to move.

TRX Obstacle Race Training with Fraser Quelch
LTS: LeBOOT with Marc Lebert
Coaching Chaos – The Multidirectional Athlete with John Sinclair

But if you feel like getting your learn on a little bit more, you can either check out John Berardi’s The Complete Fitness Professional: Use Your Passion for Fitness to Create a Successful Career or Brett Klika’s Small-Group Training- What’s Next? I had the chance to sit through Brett’s talk at IDEA PTI West and if you’re training in groups you will get a lot of great info from this session. I’ll be sitting in on John’s talk because I heard a lot of great feedback after he did this same talk at IDEA PTI East this year.



Block H (8-9:50am)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

After a full day one you’ll get a bit of a sleep in, but Friday starts with a couple great options. Perry Nickleston is someone who I’ve been following for a few years and never had the chance to see him in person so I’m looking forward to checking out his Performance Movement Taping session.   But if this isn’t you’re thing Cody Sipe has another session, but this time it’s on the business side of attracting boomers (Explode Your Business with Mature Clients).


Block I (10:10-12pm)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

Back in February I was able to sit in and participate in Brett Klika & Craig Valency’s Reshaping Youth Fitness session and they have a wealth of knowledge to share! If you train children or have any desire to then this is a must attend session because mark my words, Brett & Craig will be the go to experts when it comes to youth training in the next few years.

Since I’ve been to their session I’m going to check out Brent Gallagher’s Think Inside the Box lecture. I was lucky enough to hear Brent speak at Club Industry in Chicago last year and he definitely has some unique approaches worth listening to. We’ve since become friends, so getting to know him even better I know he’s got a boat load to share.


Block J (2:15-4:05pm)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

This time slot has one of the first people I followed when I became a personal trainer, Peter Twist and his How to Safely Introduce Plyometrics into Your Clients Routines. Whenever I can get to see one of Twister’s session I will always jump in. But you’ve also got Sue Hitzmann’s Strategies to Stop Joint Pain workshop in this time slot you could check out. Sue’s an extremely smart woman, so if you’ve got clients (or you personally) struggle with joint pain, this might be your best choice.

You’ve also got a lecture by Amanda Vogel called Social Media Tips for Your Fitness Career that would be well worth going to. No doubt she’ll be sharing some great, easy to implement tips that will help you present yourself the right way via your social media.

Block K (4:30-5:51pm)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

You’re either going to get hit with a massive hit of energy or copious amounts of knowledge bombs in this time slot. If you’re feeling like being motivated and energized you can hit the Sweat It Out with the Masters session with Julie Arney, Amy Dixon & Todd Durkin for three times the energy. Maybe you’d rather do some booty and core, so you’ll want to join Marc Lebert for his LTS: Metabolic Shape Shifter session. Or check out Brett Klika’s fast and furious session 5 Minute Body Weight Super Circuits. But no matter which of these you choose, be prepared to sweat!

If you’d prefer to exercise your brain, then you’ve got two great speakers to choose from. Either jump into Rachel Cosgrove’s How To Be The CEO of Your Career in the Fitness Industry or Chris Mohr’s 10 Eating Strategies to Get Even Your Most Stubborn Clients Out of Their Rut. Go with your gut here, because one of these will speak to you more than the other I’m sure.


Block L (7:30-9:20am)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

Bright and early I finally have my first session, Become a Booty Builder, so hopefully I see a few of you in that one (I know it’s almost full at the time of writing this). If you’re not in my session and you’ve never seen Greg Roskopf speak before, do yourself a favour and go check out his An In-Depth Look at Corrective Exercise session.

Two other great options in this time slot are Michael Piercy’s TRX: Multimodality Circuits or Michelle Felzmann’s Functional Fascia for Group Exercise session.


Block M (9:40-11:30am)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015


This time slot is an easy choice for me because I’ll be sitting in on Todd Durkin’s Explode Your Sales to Record Levels lecture. Even though TD is known for his high energy workouts, what most don’t realise is what a tremendously successful businessman he is. So when TD talks business I listen.
But if you’re feeling like getting active go check out the dynamic duo of Amy Dixon and Douglas Brooks in BOSU Plyo Power. But if you haven’t used the TRX RIP much then Fraser’s TRX Secret’s for Successful RIP Training will be well worth your time.


Block N (1:45-3:35pm)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015


This would be the hardest time slot of the weekend for me to pick if it wasn’t for one small thing…that I’m part of a panel called Social Media: Money Maker or Time Waster with Amanda Vogel, Amanda Patterson & Katy Widrick.

To say I was devastated to see that Greg Roskopf’s other session was here is an understatement. That makes it 2 conferences this year we’re both at and we speak in the same time slots. Needless to say, his session Isolation vs. Integration is well worth going to.

Another session I was bummed out to see was here is TRX Advanced Suspension Training with Dan McDonogh & Chris Frankel. I’ve seen Chris once before and he is smarter than most in the industry, so always great to learn from, let alone teaming up with Dan.

A couple other sessions I would go to if I weren’t speaking at the same time:

Fascia Gone Wild with Bill & Valorie Sonnemaker
Insights Into Functional Training with Chuck Wolf
The Benefits of Ground to Standing Exercises with Pete McCall
Constructing a Personal Training Business with Troy Fontana
Nutrition in the News – The Truth Behind the Media Headlines with Chris Mohr

See, I told you there are a lot of great sessions in this time slot!


Block O (4-5:30pm)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

What better way to end Saturday then with a high energy, motivating session with Todd Durkin in his appropriately titled Energy Explosion! session. One other session that interests me is with Brent Brookbush called Breaking the Cycle of Dysfunction. I’ve never heard Brent speak, but have read a number of articles which are really good.


Block P (7:30-9:20am)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

If you didn’t hit the LA night life too hard the night before then maybe I’ll see you in my session Good to Great: Personal Training 2.0. This is my favourite workshop this year at IDEA World with what I think is a lot of essential information that most trainers don’t know (or use).

But if I wasn’t speaking, I would most definitely be in Pat Rigsby’s Building the Ultimate Training Business session. Pat is not only a great guy, he’s very bright when it comes to business. So if you need to work on your business, get to Pat’s session.


Block Q (9:40-11:30am)

IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015

I know, I know…IDEA World 2015 is almost over but you can end it on a high with me in my The Ultimate Body Weight Workout session. This was a hit at the FILEX fitness convention in Australia, so what better way to end here in LA.

You’ve also got Chuck Wolf’s Regression Before Progression session, which is a concept that I think most fit pros could get better at. It’s easy to advance exercises, but not also so easy to regress them. So if you feel you want to improve in this area, Chuck is one of the best!

Or you could go see the pocket rocket Amanda Mittleman’s Sedentary to Superhero: Unleash Success lecture that I know will be great! So you really can’t lose in this time slot.


And there you have it, my rundown of the IDEA World 2015 Fitness Convention! If you’re going to be there, make sure to come up and say hi, I absolutely love meeting new people!


11 Tips Fit Pros Can Use to Improve Their Social Media

There are numerous ways that you can improve your social media content, but I know if you’re like me you don’t have hours of free time to try read countless articles and blog posts.  So here are 11 quick tips you can start implementing straight away that will help!

1. Use images often. They increase engagement with your fans.  This reach almost my entire fan base at the time.

Facebook Tips for Fit Pros

2. Share video’s on Facebook as they will get you the best reach, but make sure to upload it straight to your Facebook account instead of sharing a link.  Here is an example of an extremely successful posts for one of our marketing campaigns that I helped set up with the Institute of Motion.

Monster Post

3. Mix up your content type; videos, links, long posts, images, questions, etc.

4. Always try to use a Call to Action (CTA). Let your fans know what you want them to do.

5. Be real and amplify what makes you who you are.

6. Don’t be overly promotional.

Social Media Tips For Personal Trainer

7. Repurpose your content on your different social platforms.

Social Media Tip for Personal Trainers

8. Always be trying to add value to your fans with your posts.

9. Focus on helping your fans; stop thinking about what YOU want to talk about, instead think about what they NEED to hear. Help them to solve problems, answer questions and give them actionable advice or tips that will help move them closer to achieving their goals.

10. Determine what the relevant hashtags are, and then use them often.Hashtags for Fit Pros

11. Try to respond to ALL mentions, messages and tags. This will often start conversations and builds up relationships. Never forget social media isn’t a one way channel.


The Fit Pro Podcast Episode #37 – Fitness Branding with Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby

This week I’ve on Pat Rigsby on the podcast. Pat’s been a leader in the fitness industry for a number of years helping a number of well known fit pros develop their business and brand. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, fitness branding. So whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting out, there is some great info in this weeks podcast.

To Find Out More About Pat:

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Branding essentials for fit pros
  • Defining your ideal client
  • The big mistake you’re making with getting referrals
  • Best practices for developing your unique brand
  • Pat’s simple 3 step client conversion system
  • Why you shouldn’t follow big companies and their branding style
  • The biggest fitness branding mistakes you’re probably making
  • And so much more


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Upcoming Events:

Sydney 1 Day Workshop May 23
Functional Aging Summit June 12-13 in Phoenix
IDEA World July 15-19th in LA (save $30 with this code: CA15PIP+Rawcliffe
Facebook Client Generating Workshop June 14th Phoenix 
Facebook Client Generating Workshop July 20th LA



Episode #36

Fat loss and paleo with Dr Chris Mohr

This week I’ve on Dr Chris Mohr on the podcast.  Doctor Mohr as he insists to be called (sarcasm) is one of the leading experts when it comes to nutrition to fitness professionals and can be seen speaking at a number of conventions every year.  He’s definitely a wealth of knowledge and does a great job of making common sense out of a field of study that is usually filled with confusion.

To Find Out More About Chris:

Click Here

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Simple techniques to help clean up your clients diet
  • Debunking the myths of the common “fad” diets
  • The low down on the Paleo diet
  • The biggest mistakes fit pros make when giving nutritional advice
  • Where to start with nutrition with your clients
  • The grey area’s to avoid with nutrition
  • And so much more




Episode #35

Lebert Fitness

This week I’ve on Marc Lebert on the podcast. Marc is a fitness presenter who seems to be at every major convention in the world. He’s also become a bit of an innovator as he’s brought 4 different pieces of fitness equipment to market.

To Find Out More About Marc:

Click Here

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • What you need to know before you create a piece of fitness equipment
  • Biggest lessons learned taking products to market
  • The future trends of the fitness industry
  • What’s hot right now in the fitness industry
  • The essential steps to take to prevent you from wasting money and time on your idea’s
  • The #1 thing you need to succeed in this business
  • And much, much more


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Lebert Trainer Summit
Mindset Performance Institute
Fitness Nation
Frank Medrano


Why Some Facebook Ads Fail While Others Succeed

Why Some Facebook Ads

If you’ve tried running any ads on Facebook then I’m sure you’ve experienced the ups and downs of trying to create successful ad campaigns. But don’t get discouraged, like everything there is a learning curve that you need to go through.

And even though Facebook is consistently changing their rules, there are 4 things that I see that separate successful Facebook ads from the many failures I see with fitness businesses.

The first major mistake that I see all too often is that you are not capturing the prospects contact information. Instead most fitness businesses send their prospects straight to their sales page or website. Now don’t get me wrong, this will make you some sales, but what happens to all the people who have never heard of you and are basing everything solely on price? Chances are you’ll never see them again.

There is one way that I’ll almost let you off the hook for this one, and that’s if you’ve installed a Retargeting pixel on your sales page. If you have, then you will be able to have another bite at the apple, but why not try the most effective tactic first?


** For those who don’t know, a retargeting pixel is a little cookie that you can place on websites so you can market to those people again. An example of this is when you’ve looked at something on Amazon and now that product pops up on every other site you visit. Well you can do something similar directly on Facebook.


The next element that is missing from Facebook ads that will make them more successful is a strong Call to Action (CTA). As much as we all think that the next step is pretty straight forward, in a lot of cases it’s not. You can’t always assume that the prospect who your showing your add to knows that if they click the link it will take them to your website to sign up.
Personally, I think of the most computer illiterate person I know and make sure that even they would understand what to do next.


Not only do you have to tell them what to do next, you also want to tell them why. They need to see the benefit in taking that next step or chances are they will continue to scroll down the news feed.


This next mistake drives me insane. Facebook has given so much real estate on the newsfeed to images but there are still people using photos that split the screen with actual website link. In today’s world of almost zero attention span, you need to do everything you can to make sure that your ad captures your prospects attention.
The best thing about this is that Facebook even gives you a second chance to fix this whenever you share a website URL because you’re able to change the picture being used. So there really is no excuse except laziness if you’re not using an image that is optimised to utitlize all of the newsfeed space Facebook gives you. And for future reference, you want an image that is 1200 pixels X 628 pixels for any ads on Facebook

How It Shouldn’t Look…
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.16.32 pm
How It Should Look…

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.19.46 pm

Now the last thing that separates successful Facebook ads from failures can pretty much be said about all marketing. If you’re talking about all the features you program or gym has, as opposed to the benefits then you’re ad is going to suffer.

Don’t get me wrong, I realise that it’s a little bit harder with all of Facebook’s rules on what you can and cannot say, but I’m pretty sure that every single person in the modern world knows that there is exercise equipment in gyms and training studios. If it seems ridiculous that a hotel would advertise that every room comes with a bed, then you should feel the same way when you tell your prospects that your gym has treadmills and dumbbells.


So to recap, if you want your Facebook ads to be a success make sure that you’re doing the 4 things I just talked about in this post and I guarantee that you will see a big improvement!


Just so I’m perfectly clear, there are other things that you could be doing like precise targeting, running retargeting campaigns, and creating an automated follow up system that will make your ads more successful. But if you haven’t taken care of these basics from this post, then it really doesn’t matter what else you do because your ads aren’t going to work very well.

Join the Mighty 300


If you’ve been getting frustrated with the performance of your Facebook posts then you’re going to love what I’ve got to share because I’m going to give you 2 quick tweaks to improve your Facebook posts.

As more and more businesses start using Facebook to market and spread their message, it’s easy for your posts to get lost in the shuffle. Facebook is always tweaking their algorithm, but that’s because they are trying to maintain a good user experience. Which for all of us how have a fitness business, this is a good thing, because that means that our potential clients will continue to use Facebook.

At any given time there are at least 1,500 possible stories a person could potentially see in their Newsfeed, and Facebook is trying to figure out the 300 most relevant ones for the specific user. So….the more often someone clicks on your post (Like, Comment, Share, Click on a picture or link) the more relevant Facebook thinks your page is to that person.

And the more relevant your page will help increase the chances that your posts will be one of those 300 that shows up to your fans. Which is what everyone wants!

But how what can you do to make your posts more clickable? There are 2 quick tweaks that you can start making to your posts to help increase their “clickability”.

The first thing you should start to think about is giving your posts headlines. And this doesn’t go from just your posts that share a link; it’s for all posts. This will help grab your fans attention as they are quickly scrolling down their newsfeed; as well as give them an idea about what your post is about.


Let’s face it, we live in a world with a very short attention span, so trying to get people’s attention can be difficult. So stop and think a few seconds on what will really grab your fans attention, and then make sure to leave a line between the headline and the rest of your post. This will also help it stand out that little bit more.

You could even put some special characters around it, like some asterisks or parentheses around the words.


The second thing that you can start doing to get more engagement from your fans is to start including a “call to action” on your posts. You’ll be surprised at how many more likes/comments/shares your posts will get with this simply tweak.

Simple things like asking a question:


Ask a question…


Or in the right context you can even ask them to share a post….


But please do not be the person that writes “LIKE if you agree” or “Who else LIKES this ?” because that’s just going to annoy your fans and make you sound needy.


So by just getting a little more strategic with your posts by thinking of adding a headline to them and some sort of call to action you’ll be amazed at how much your reach improves in no time.

Handicapping IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute 2015

After presenting at the IDEA PT Institute East event a few weeks ago, I can tell you that I’m pretty excited about coming back and speaking at the West event next month. It was such a great event with so many passionate fit pros there, I know that the West event will be the same.

I’m also looking forward to my first ever trip to Seattle! It’s been a place I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time, so excited to finally get there and got check out the famous Fish Market.

So just like I did for the East event, I’ll share which sessions I would be going to if I were you. The best thing about this list is that I’ve already seen some of these presentations, so I can actually tell you first hand.

But remember, I’ve never been a group exercise guy so my recommendations may slightly sway towards more of the training and business sessions.

Friday 8:45-11:35am

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

If you want to start your day off moving you’ve got 2 options; Dan McDonogh (TRX: Advanced Suspension Training) or Martin Rooney (Training for Warriors-What Is It?). Both Dan and Martin are amazing presenters and will leave you fired up for the rest of the day. If you train any baby boomers, you’re going to want to check out Cody Sipe’s Functional Circuits for Aging Clients. Cody is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry when it comes to this demographic and always has great info to share. But if your inner “trainer geek” wants to come out, you’ve got to go see Chuck Wolf’s Maximize the Big Movement Rocks presentation. I sat through part of this at the East event and as always Chuck uncovers some great strategies that you can start to use with your clients.


Friday 11:50-1:05pm

There are a couple of training sessions at this time slot, but I would take this time to grab lunch and go into one of the sessions starting at 12:30pm.


Friday 12:30-1:45pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

If you’ve never had the chance to check out Marc Lebert, then you’ve gotta attend his LTS: The NEW Cool Tools and Programming for Boot Camps and Group Training session. Not only is Marc a great presenter, but he was also born in the same town as me (which I only just found out at the East event). But if you’re looking at fine-tuning your business skills, go see Trina Gray’s 1-2 Punch! LIVE and ONLINE Training session. Trina is a superstar business woman who has a TON to share, so get to this session and your business will thank you!

Friday 2:00-3:50pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

This is the first time slot of the convention that is too hard to pick. You’ve got Peter Twist (Sport Conditioning Goes Group Take 2), Brett Klika (Small Group Training-What’s Next?), Michol Dalcourt (Recovery Based Strategies in Program Design) and Douglas Brooks, Amy Dixon & Casey Stutzman (Out of Bounds-Ultimate Functional Training). I was able to sit in both Michol’s session and Brett’s session so I know these are both great. And I’ve never been in a session of Peter’s that wasn’t great. So basically, no matter which one you pick, you’re a winner.


Friday 4:05-5:55pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

This is the easiest pick on the day for where I’ll be, as it’s my first session of the convention (Gluteus to the Max-Ultimate Glute Training). This was a sold out session at East, so hopefully I’ll have a full house for this one. But you’ve also got some other great sessions to pick from here. Dan McDonogh, Amy Dixon, Cody Sipe and Chuck Wolf all have sessions in this time slot that I know will be great, but if I weren’t speaking I’d be checking out Mike Robertson’s R7 Approach to Program Design session.


Saturday 8:45am-11:35amIDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

Saturday starts off with some great presentations from some top notch presenters. If you’re looking at getting a bit more business knowledge be sure to check out Amanda Vogel’s Fitness Writing session or Shannon Fable’s Strategic Self-Promotion session. If you’d rather get active, you can’t go wrong with either Michol’s Reconditioning Dysfunctional Movement session or Peter Twist’s session on plyometric training, which I sat through at PTI East. If you work with pre or post natal clients, then you need to go see Krista Popowych in this time slot.


Saturday 11:50-1:05pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

No matter which session you pick here you’re a winner, but if you want some great quick training circuits you’ll love Brett Klika’s 5 minute body weight super circuits session. If you want a bit more business go see Sherri McMillan’s Sell to Survive and Thrive.


Saturday 12:30-1:45pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

If you just finished lunch and want to get moving you’ve got two options. Either experience Martin Rooney’s Hurricane Training or join Peter Twist to Blast Your Abs, Glutes and Core.


Saturday 2:00-4:50pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

I’ll be presenting my Training Baby Boomer’s session here, but there are a number of other great presenters in this time slot. If you work within the youth fitness world you MUST go see Re-Shaping Youth Fitness with Craig Valency and Brett Klika.   Bobby Cappuccio always has great presentations, so if you’re looking at boosting income, this may be the session for you. If not Marc Coronel is always an energetic and entertaining presenter and it may be of use to do some myofascial work after a couple hectic days! But if you want to geek out a bit, check out either Lenny Parracino’s Assessment and Programming for the Spine Complex or Dr Len Kravitz’s 10 Pillars to Burn Calories and Boost Fat Metabolism.


Saturday 5:05pm-6:35pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

This is a no brainer for me, as I’ll be sitting down to listen to Martin Rooney’s Connect and Engage with Your Small Group Clients session. Another great session looks to be from Fabio Comana on Prep and Recovery-New Ideas in Programming Success. But if you want a more active session, Amy Dixon always has great workouts.


Sunday 8:00-9:50am

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

Even though I’m sure you were out “networking” until late, it’s definitely worth getting up early grabbing a coffee and sitting in on one of two sessions to start the day. Sue Hitzmann’s What You Don’t Know About Fascia is Hurting Your Clients goes into some deep science on fascia and will definitely open your eyes. But you may want to skip hers and learn more about Heart Rate Variability with Dr Len Kravitz and Trisha VanDusseldorp, especially if you don’t really know much about this powerful tool.


Sunday 10:05-11:55am

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

I guess I’ll get to end the PTI West convention with a bang since that’s when I’ve got my last session, The New Evolution of Core Training. This proves the old saying, save the best for last is true…haha. But if you decide to not attend my session (don’t worry, we’ll still be friends), you’ve got some other great options, especially if you want to look deeper into dysfunction or injury prevention. If I wasn’t presenting I’d probably be sitting in on Lenny Parracino or Sue Hitzmann’s session here.

Well there you have it, my run down of the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West convention. And if you’re going to be there, make sure to come up and introduce yourself to me! I always love meeting other passionate fit pros.

I’d love to here in the comments section below which sessions you’re most looking forward to attending!

It Works, It’s Your Plan That Doesn’t

It seems like most fit pros have a strong opinion on whether or not Facebook ads works for their fitness business. And in most cases, it has to do with the success they’ve had with them. But in 99% of cases, the lack of results of using Facebook ads comes down to one thing…and that’s having a bad marketing plan in place (or in some cases no plan whatsoever).

young female fitness trainer.

Most times fitness business owners who’ve been unsuccessful on Facebook just throw up a post about a promotion or their facility and hope for the best. They cross their fingers and pray that someone will call and it more often than not looks something like this:

“We’re running the XYZ program starting June 1st. PM me if you’re interested.”
Or they run an ad that directs people to their website homepage and think people will just sign up. That’s their entire Facebook marketing strategy. So it’s no wonder some fit pros think Facebook doesn’t work for their business.


So what I’m going to do is take you through a basic system (or funnel as it’s called by serious marketers) that will give you the exact steps that I use with other fit pros all the time to generate new clients from Facebook.


Step #1: Collect Their Details

Businessman holding out a blank card and pen

It’s imperative to have a method of capturing your prospects contact details, whether it be their email or phone number (or BOTH!). You want to be in charge of the sales process. You don’t want to leave it up to the prospect, who’s probably very unmotivated, to contact you. But you just can’t say “Please leave your phone number in the comments section if you’re interested”.

You need to offer something of value, like a free report. But coming up with a report is where a lot of fit pros get stuck because they can’t think of what to write the report on.

Well let me tell you a secret. You already know the answer. Grad a piece of paper and pen and take 5 minutes to write down the 10 most common questions your new clients ask you.

There you have it. The top 10 things you don’t know about losing weight/gaining muscle/getting a better booty, etc. You’ve now got over one of the biggest hurdle’s that stops most fit pros from starting to see success on Facebook.

Faster Fat Loss iPad Cover Next you’ll want to get an opt in page made up so you can start to let your fans know how to get your free report, so you can finally start collecting their contact information.

And now the crucial step of getting a plan on how you will follow up with them to get them into your gym or studio.


Step #2: The Follow Up

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So now that you know what to do to capture your prospects contact information (an added bonus of giving them your “Free Report” is that it helps position you as an expert) you need to figure out how to follow them up. As I’m sure you’ve experienced, if you don’t follow them up, they’ll likely never come see you!

What I’ve found is there’s two ways that work best; via a phone call or through email. But if you really want the best chance of converting these new leads, use both.

Most people don’t have an issue with calling prospects up on the phone. It’s pretty simple once you’ve created your phone script. When it comes to writing emails, that’s a whole other story.

But don’t worry because I’m going to show you a simple formula to write your emails that follows this simple formula; O+T+O = C. It’s 3 emails in total with a different focus in each email.

Email #1 is about the Opportunity (O) or the why. This is where you’ll show them that they have the opportunity to dramatically change their life through your fitness program. And if you don’t believe what you do changes people’s lives, then you need to reconsider your career path.

Email #2 is about the Transformation (T) or the what. This is where you will tell them what you’re program is all about and teach them how it will transform them.

Email #3 is about Ownership (O) or how. Using a case study or testimonial works great in this email. Talk as though they’ve already been through your program. For example; just imagine how great you’ll feel walking into work after the 21 days and all the compliments you’re getting from your co-workers on how fantastic you look.

And there you have it …your very own formula for creating those ever so daunting emails… that will start to turn fans into clients (that’s what the C stood for at the end of the equation).

Now all you’ve got to do is figure out how to get more people’s contact details so you can ramp this whole process up!


Step #3: Your Facebook Ads

More Clients Button
Going on the current average of 6% of your fans organically (regular posts) seeing your posts, if you were to put up a post about your free report that will only get shown to 30-120 fans (if you have 500-2000 fans). Even if you’re crushing it and getting your posts seen by 30% of your fans, it’s still only showing up to 150-600 fans.

But if you turn that post into an ad for even just $10, that will get in front of roughly 2000 people on Facebook. So for $25 or less you could show your offer to 5000 prospective clients!

What would it cost to get a flyer in front of 5000 prospects? If you’ve never done a flyer drop I can assure you it will cost you a minimum of twenty times that.

Here are the results from just one ad for a client in San Diego: FQ10
You can see now, that once you start running ads, you can really start to ramp things up and get your marketing out to way more people. But to be totally honest, most fit pros that run ads don’t get results like what I’ve shown you above.   And that’s because they don’t do a great job targeting.

It’s great to get your message in front of more people, but you want to make sure that you are getting them to take action. As you can see, we were getting people to click to their website for just 50 cents, but you need to target your ads correctly.

There is no doubt in my mind that you can easily bring in at least 20-50 new leads for every Facebook ad that you run, but if you’re targeting is off you’re basically donating money to Facebook. And if you’re going to be making donations, I’m sure you can find more deserving companies than Facebook 🙂

Now there are quite a few variables when it comes to targeting your Facebook ads properly, but instead of confusing you, I’m going to give you the top 5 tips to target better.

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Targeting Tip #1: Target by zip codes (only in USA) or suburbs.

There is no sense in targeting your entire city if a high percentage of those people live too far to ever come into your facility. You want to make sure that your ad is showing up to someone who can actually come and train with you.

Targeting Tip #2: Set up separate ads for males and females

When you set up your ads you want to make sure that the words you use resonate with the audience. Most women want a flat stomach or toned muscles, not six pack abs or big guns. Whereas guys would use language like six pack or guns. You should also use a picture of the same sex as the prospect so that it connects with them and they know that ad is speaking to them.

Targeting Tip #3: Target by age, but don’t make it too broad.

You don’t want to run a Facebook ad to people in too broad a range of ages (like 18-65) because it’s like I talked about in tip #2, your message won’t resonate with anyone specifically. You can split up the ads into a couple different ads to make sure that the words you’re using connect with the people you’re targeting.

Targeting Tip #4: Don’t make your target audience too small.

If you narrow you ad down to 347 people, chances are it’s not going to work very well, unless you live in a really, really small village with a population of 1,298 people. I always suggest to start with a broad range of people then get more specific once you start to see some results from your ads. And this also applies the other direction, by targeting too many people. If your ad is going to get shown to 450,000 people, you’re probably being too broad.

Targeting Tip #5: Make sure you budget fits your potential audience.

If your budget is too low compared to the size of your audience, you’ll have a hard time ever getting good statistics on whether your ad will work or not. A general concept to work off of is take your budget in cents ($10 = 1000 cents), then multiple that by 2 and that will give you a real rough idea on how many people your ad will reach (2000). This is just a rough idea and the better response your ad gets, the cheaper it will be but at least this gives you a ballpark figure to start with.

There are so many other determining factors to how many people your ad will reach, but this will at least give you an idea when trying to figure out how much you should spend.

This could have gone into way more detail, but I tried to keep it short and concise as I know you’re busy.  But hopefully after reading this you either understand why Facebook ads may not have worked for you in the past.  Or you’ve learned a couple new things so that you can go and tweak your current Facebook marketing plan.