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3 Things Rick Mayo’s Taught Me Besides Fashion

Rick Mayo Fitness Business

If you’ve never had the chance to see Rick, put this on your list of things to do this year. And it shouldn’t be too hard because it seems like he’s at a different fitness event every other weekend.

I met Rick a couple of years ago and to say that he’s helped me with my business is a massive understatement. When it comes to business coaches in the fitness industry there seems to be very few who get high praise on a consistent basis. Well I’ve never heard a bad word said about Rick or what he teaches. Not one person. So that should tell you something.

There have been numerous things I’ve learned from Rick, but I’m going to share the top 3 today. And you would think that Rick being one of the stunt bike rider in a DMX music video would be in the top 3 but sadly it’s not.


Think Like a Consultant

If I had a dollar for every trainer I’ve heard say I’m not good at “sales” I’d be a thousandaire. Seriously! But something that resonated with me and has helped a number of other trainers I’ve spoke with is to change the way you think of the sales session.

If someone paid you $500 to do a consultation with them on how to best reach their fitness goals would you feel uncomfortable or like you couldn’t do it? Of course not! So why do you feel the same way with a prospective client? I’m sure a client’s lifetime spend with you is well over $500, but the only difference is that they haven’t paid you yet.

Start thinking like a consultant when you sit down to talk with a prospective client and you’ll be amazed at how differently you approach the entire process. You are offering tremendous value by assessing them, finding out their goals and then giving them a recommendation on how to achieve it based on your numerous years of experience and wealth of knowledge.

Change this one thought and you might just find out that you’re a pretty damn good salesperson!

Adding Layers to What You Offer

This was a game changer for my business. When you set up your training business this way, no one can compete with you. You’re in a class of your own.
By simple adding layers to what we do we were able to increase revenue over 30% while cutting down the number of hours we worked. And no this isn’t one of those all too often claims you hear from other business coaches like; learn how to earn $100k per year working less than 20 hours a week.

I could go on about the details but Rick shared it all when I had him on the podcast, so if you haven’t listened to it check it out HERE. Rick will gives a complete rundown of what your different layers are and exactly how to structure you layers.


Show Them What They Want

You would think that this one is common sense, but unfortunately it’s not. When you’re taking a prospect around your facility you don’t need to show them everything! Focus on the reason they came to check out your place.

If a powerlifter comes in for a tour why would you show them the inner/outer thigh machine? But I guess if you still have one of those, you’ve got bigger issues than you tour. If a woman comes in with a goal of losing weight but is afraid of getting “too bulky” do you think showing her that you have dumbbells that go up to 100lbs is going to make her feel like your facility is the right place for her?

Instead, point out all the equipment and features on your facility that relate directly to their goals. By doing this you’re showing them that this is the place for them to go to get their result. Plus, it leaves you more time to talk about their goals and build rapport rather than showing them every piece of equipment in the gym.

So like I said at the start, if you haven’t seem Rick speak I can’t recommend him highly enough. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone give more real valuable information in their presentations than what he does. Oh and if you’ve made it this far, Rick actually wasn’t in a DMX video. But he is an avid biker and I figure if you didn’t take the 5 minutes to read the whole article you’ll go see Rick anyways just to see the guy in the DMX video.


What Our Potential Clients ACTUALLY See’s (it’s not what you think)

Do your potential clients actually see what you do as anything different than one of those cheap $50/month bootcamps or the spin class at the commercial gym (which they don’t pay any additional fee for)? From the outside looking in, all the fitness consumer see’s is a group of people getting sweaty. And one’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the other!

Price Wars…….

larp-battleWith more personal trainers and gyms popping up every week we are seeing a dangerous trend emerging in the fitness field, and that is price-cutting. Too many fitness businesses are starting to compete on price. They continually lower their prices thinking that if they get their prices low enough, none of the other fitness businesses will be able to compete with them. And from the outside looking in, our potential clients may not see any difference between the structured programming that you’ve put together to ensure them results, and the one size fits all workout of the day.

And they may never know that there is a huge difference, unless you can get them in front of you and educate them on what they need to be doing. But how in the heck do you do this when your prices are so much higher?

Group Training to the Rescue

Superhero-failIf you have not introduced some sort of group training into your business, you are going to miss the boat and your business will suffer. I’m not saying that 1-on-1 training is dead, but you need to have an offer for people who cannot or are not yet ready to spend big bucks on fitness. And from a business stand point; this is one major advantage of group training. It allows you to offer people a low hanging piece of fruit to pick and sample to see if they like it. We sometimes forget that fitness is an acquired taste, and not everyone is going to fall in love after their first bite. As we all know, sometimes that first bite can have the bitter taste of lactic acid and DOMS.

This is what a lot of potential clients think of fitness!


”From the outside looking in, all the fitness consumer see’s is a group of people getting sweaty”
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But if they eat it enough, and we know they’ll love it!

But if you can offer a new client the chance to come back and try a few more pieces of your fitness fruit, they are going to realize that it’s not always going to wake up the next day and feel every last muscle in their body. They will start to get hooked on those endorphins that they had read about in the latest magazine article.

The Fitness Experience

Do you offer some sort of trial or short term membership so that potential clients can try it out for under $100? Something where they will have the chance to come in numerous times over a 2 to 4 week period and acquire the taste of fitness? This is an essential offering in today’s competitive fitness market, but it’s a hard thing to do if you only offer 1-on-1 training. So if you’re not offering this service you may want to take some time and look at it.

But I Love 1-on-1 Training

If you love doing 1-on-1 training, I’m not saying you have to stop doing it, or stop making it your main service. You could “upsell” a lot of these people that come in and purchase a trial group training experience into 1-on-1 training. But now you have an offer to compete with all those low priced bootcamps and gyms to at least bring those people in the door that don’t see a difference (yet!).

shareToo many trainers are getting frustrated with this shift in the market, and their business is suffering but there is a solution. And it’s as simple as putting a few group training sessions onto your schedule to help bring people in thru your doors. If you found this article helpful, please click the share button below so we can continue to grow the fitness industry on quality, not just price!


Facebook Timeline Changes For Your Fitness Page


As you may have noticed over the past couple weeks, the timeline of your Facebook page has changed to a one column design. There are a few things that have been moved around, but I think it looks a lot cleaner.

One thing I really like is on the right hand side you can see a tab that says this week. This gives you an easy way to see some of the stats for your page. This is great for those of you who get “too busy” to look at your insights. This way you can just make a habit that each week you write down your Post Reach and see how it differs from week to week to give you an idea of how good your content has been.

One thing that you need to take notice of is the fact that you can only have 3 tabs visible on the top of your page. I would highly recommend that you re order these to make sure whatever you’re using to capture emails addresses appears on this bar. You could also possible put one of your other social media feeds in there too, but I would never take away your About tab, as this should always be easy to find for new fans and prospective clients.


You can have another 3 apps down the left hand side a little further down too. This is where I would include your other social media tabs.


Although there are other changes to your timeline, these are the ones that you need to know about and make sure you fix them up to get the most out of your fan page.

Ninja Facebook Marketing


Learn the newest “ninja Facebook marketing tactic”.

Use this one Facebook trick to get new clients.

This is something that drives me crazy. Do you really want to trick people into being your client? And the whole “ninja” thing to me, is the term people use that lack the ability to actually explain what they really mean.

As a fitness professional you should look at Facebook as an amazing opportunity to get in front of your prospective (and current clients) and help them understand your “why”. Your why is the reason people buy from you and Facebook allows you to “tell your story” day after day until they realise you are the solution to their problem.

If you’re approaching Facebook as a way use “secret tricks” to find new clients then you’re missing the point. And your content probably shows this. There is no doubt that Facebook has some great tools to help you attract new clients, but it should be used in conjunction with the rest of your marketing. Have a plan and know what the end goal of what you are doing is.

Have you mapped out a plan, with measurable goals, about how you want to use Facebook? If you’re just on there because everyone else is, then I would highly recommend you stop wasting your time. It’s exactly like we tell our clients about having goals, what can’t be measured can’t be managed. So take a moment and think about why you’re using Facebook, but please don’t say it’s to get as many likes as possible. Although it may help fill your ego, it’s not going to do anything to help improve you business.

So maybe it’s to get your fans to opt in for a free report so that you can get start to market to them via email. Maybe it’s a place for you to tell your story and let people discover your why. Or maybe it’s a place to put up online offers (but I’d warn you, you’ve got to be careful with how you sell via Facebook). Whatever it is, just make sure you have a goal.

What I like to do, and use with my social-media consulting clients, is to strategically use a combination of all of these. We might spend a couple of weeks concentrating on posting really valuable, engaging content that both educates our fans and allows them to get to know us much better. Then after building up this goodwill we will put an offer in front of them, either in the form of an upcoming program we are running, or maybe just a free resource to get their email. Then we might spend a few weeks trying to increase the number of fans on our page, targeting people who fit our demographic. And then we’ll just continue to rotate through these types of combinations.

In closing, have a goal for your Facebook page then make a plan to achieve it. And stop looking for new tricks because Facebook is all about relationship building.


3 Things I’ve Learned From Todd Durkin


Over the past 3 years I’ve been lucky enough to become good friends with Todd Durkin. If you don’t know who Todd is you can check his site out here; But if I were to describe Todd in only a couple of words, it would be life transformer. He’s been one of the main reasons that both my life and career have grown exponentially in such a short time. And although I’ve learned a ton from TD, I want to share my biggest 3 lessons from him.

Lesson #1: Give Everything You’ve Got. And then some.

If you know TD, then I know you’ve heard him say this dozens of times. But I believe that sometimes it’s easy for us to let words go in one ear and out the other without really taking them in.

Instead of just doing a good job or what people expect from you, over deliver every time you interact with them. The world is made up of millions of people who settle for average, but this isn’t what makes you truly great. For me, I’m always asking myself, could I have done more or what would Todd have done in that situation.

Now I can’t think of any better way to show you what I mean about “and then some” than to tell you about the first time I met TD. On a trip back to see my family for Christmas, my partner Kristy and I decided to spend a few days in San Diego before we hit the snow. We had scheduled to do a PT session at Fitness Quest 10 (Todd’s gym) with one of his trainers, Brett Klika , who actually won the IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year award last year, but that’s a whole other story.

We had seen Todd in his office working away, but didn’t have the chance to actually meet him, but he was busy so we didn’t think twice. After our session we were walking out to our car, in the dark, and we heard this voice yell from behind “Hey guys….guys!” We turned around to see a man running towards us, and thought what the hell does this guy want!

To our shock it was Todd. And he had chased us down because he felt bad that he hadn’t had a chance to meet us and to say thank you for coming to Fitness Quest 10 on our vacation. He then proceeded to tell us it was because he was on a business call and that he was still on it so he had to run back inside to finish it. But he told us he wanted to make sure that he had the chance to thank us.

Now how many gym owners would do that? And that’s exactly what “and then some” is. Making the time or effort no matter what.

Lesson #2: Be There for People

This one probably seems like a given and something that everyone does but I would be to say there are differing levels of this. And Todd has shown me what it really means.

Whether it’s taking that extra second to connect with someone at a convention, or reaching out to ask how someone is doing, TD embodies this. He’s an extremely busy man, much busier than anyone I’ve ever known, but if someone needs something he finds the time.

After only knowing Todd for 18 months I was over in San Diego and really wanted to sit down and get some advice and guidance on some things going on in my career. This is also the same time he has all his NFL guys in preparing for training camp, as well as prime conference time. Basically, his busiest time of the year! But guess what? He made time, and not just 5 minutes. He rearranged things so he had 60 minutes to spend with me.

Actually, while I’m writing this I’m waiting on a call from Todd. This morning a very unique opportunity has come up, but I’m not sure how to deal with it, so messaged him to ask for his advice. Instead of just telling what he thinks, he is going to call me to discuss it and come up with a solution. He’s the type of person who is always there for you.

Lesson #3: How to be World Class in the Fitness Industry

Only because I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with Todd not only in his gym, but at various conventions I’ve been able to watch how he conducts himself. He truly is a one of a kind individual in everything he does.

There are so many small things I’ve picked up from him that I wouldn’t even know where to start. But that’s part of the lesson. It’s all these little things that make you world class. From the way you speak to people to the questions you ask to the words you use to the energy you give. Todd is truly world class in every aspect of his life.

If you know TD then I’m sure that you relate to at least one of these. And if you’ve never met Todd I would highly recommend to go hear him speak or even better check out his 3.5 day mentorship.

And for those of you who have met Todd I would love to hear in the comments section below what Todd has taught you.


8 Trailblazing Women in Fitness


Although women make up a higher percentage of the workforce in the fitness world, I think it is safe to say that they are the minority when it comes to sitting at the forefront of the industry. There is a definite lack of female leaders in our field, but the real question is why?

Now by no means am I saying that woman aren’t doing an amazing job in the fitness industry, or hustling just as hard as their male counterpart. This is just an observation of what I see, but I would love to hear what you think!

There are definitely a number of woman out there kicking butt and taking names and this is not an exhaustive list. But here are just a couple of the ladies I think are trailblazers the fitness industry.

Sherri McMillan

Sherri-McMillanSherri has been a leader in the fitness industry for years now. She has spoke all over the world to trainers and received prestigious awards from CanFitPro, IDEA and ACE to name a few. She’s the owner of 2 fitness studio’s that generate 7 figures, as well as starting Northwest Fitness Education which helps fitness professionals with their business.

It seems like no matter what conference you go to, Sherri is their, so how could she not be on this list! Be sure to check out her blog at and if you are at one of the many conferences she speaks at, make sure to check out at least one of her sessions.

Jen Sinkler

jen-sinklerJen is a contributor for both Men’s and Women’s Health magazine who has a great message to share, which I think a lot of fitness professionals could learn from. She does a great job of being real and showing that it’s ok to lift and get calluses.

For anyone that’s struggling with how to speak to women who workout (nudge…nudge guys!) I highly suggest you start reading Jen’s blog on a regular basis.

“There is a definite lack of female leaders in our field,but the real question is why?” – Tweet This

Rachel Cosgrove

rachel-cosgroveIf you don’t know who Rachel is, you’ve obviously been living under a rock for the past 5 years (possibly 10!). Not only has she started up the highly successful Results Fitness with her husband Alwyn, but she’s also started Results Fitness University, which helps trainers build their business.

Rachel is a published author of two books (The Female Body Breakthrough & Drop 2 Sizes), won the IDEA personal trainer of the year in 2012, has been published in numerous magazines, and is a regular on the Perform Better tour. She’s got a lot of great information to share, and extremely down to earth and humble.

You can see more of Rachel at or

Emily Splichal

emily-splichalDr Emily is a podiatrist and the founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy. Not only does she teach other fitness professionals about the benefits of barefoot training at numerous events (I’ve even heard she’ll be on the Perform Better Tour), but she’s also been on Oprah!

Emily is quickly becoming one of the more in demand speakers around. And if you look at what she’s created over the past few years you’ll see she’s quite the business women as well. If you want to see how to carve out a niche in the industry, Emily is an amazing example of this.

Be sure to head over to her site

Trina Gray

trina-grayTrina has a super successful gym, Bay Athletic Club, in the booming town (sarcasm!) of Alpena, MI , as well as being a very in demand fitness business coach and speaker. She’s been the IDEA Program Director of the Year, created the ground-breaking Corporate Fit Challenge, and speaks at a number of fitness related events.

Trina is a go-getter who is an inspiration to what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it. And is definitely one of the ladies who is raising the bar on the entire industry.

Check out Trina at

Girls Gone Strong

girls-gone-strongGirls Gone Strong is comprised of Neghar Fonooni, Molly Galbraith and Alli McKee and their mission is to educate and inspire women of all ages to maximize the strength of their body, mind and character.

I think for too long women have been convinced that they should not be strong or pick up anything that weighs more than their handbag, so Girls Gone Strong are a breath of fresh air. And with a Facebook fan page of almost 54,000 fans I’d say they are spreading their message loud and clear.

Their excellence blog is

Well that wraps it up but I would love to hear what other women that you think are leading the charge below in the comments section!

How to Use Facebook in Your Fitness Business


We’ve all heard about how Facebook will get us tons of clients and make us all lots of money. And I don’t disagree that Facebook is a great way to generate leads (if you know what you’re doing). But there are ALOT of fitness pages that are missing the point and have no structure. I get it. There’s so much information out there and you’re not sure what to do.

Quite frankly, there are too many people (for my liking) out there spouting off that they are Facebook experts, but then when I hear what they have to say it quickly becomes apparent that they really are leading people astray. And because it pains me to see my colleagues get scammed into using a service that actually doesn’t help, shoot me an email if you’re not sure. I’ve had so many people help me over the years, it’s the least I can do to give back.

So in an attempt to give some solid guidance on how to get your Facebook page to start performing better and actually make it work for your business I’ve put together this straight, to the point blog post. I’ve even got an infographic so you can download it and put it on your desktop to refer to.

1. Make a Plan for Your Posts

calendarIf you don’t have a plan of what type of content you are going to post each day, then chances are you’re just throwing out random bits of information that your fans will not connect with. Use daily topics like Motivational Monday, Trainer Tip Tuesdays, Foodie Friday to help engage your fans more and have them looking forward to your content.

2. Be Social and Stop Selling

socialThis is probably the biggest mistake that I see on most fitness Facebook pages. Stop only posting about what classes and specials you have. Make your status updates relevant and helpful to your fans and start earning the chance to sell! We all know that people need to know, like and trust you before they buy from you. And if you don’t believe me then let me ask you what you think of pages popping up on your newsfeed who are always selling… don’t like it so quit doing this to your fans.

3. Get More Engagement

engagementIf you’re not getting likes, comments or people sharing your content then I’m pretty sure that most of your fans aren’t seeing your posts. Here’s two tips for increasing engagement; Ask for it (Click LIKE if you agree) and use questions as posts. Current stats show that only 12.6% of your fans ever see your posts, but the more engagement you get the higher this number will increase.

4. Use a Variety of Post Types

varietyPhotos on average, generate 2X more engagement than other post types, but don’t rely only on pictures. You should also link to useful articles or blog posts, as well as just plain old text to keep things fresh. But don’t ignore what works best. If you get a lot more Likes when you share useful articles then go find more articles to share.

5. Add Your Own Flair

Rick-FlairYour Facebook page gives you a chance to show your fans (and prospective clients) who you really are, so let this come through with what you post. If you are known to have a sense of humour, post funny pictures or jokes. Maybe you are great in the kitchen, so you would post your recipes or pictures of your meals. I think you get the point, but the worst thing you can do is to seem corporate and not human.

Hope you found this helpful and epic. And how can a post not be epic when it ends with a picture of Rick Flair?!


Twelve Fit Pro’s That Will Make a Splash in 2014


This is not one of those typical lists of “the top fitness professionals” that you may have seen appearing now that it’s the start of another year. There is a mixture of both big names, up and comers, and some sleeper’s (as I like to term them) that encompass this list. It’s my “Dynamic Dozen” fitness professionals who I think will make a splash (all in their own unique ways) in 2014.

Now before I go through everyone I want to make one thing clear, this is by no means in any order so I don’t want to hear any arguments that someone should have been ranked higher!


Todd-DurkinYou won’t find a more humble and integral guy in the fitness industry, which sadly these days is becoming less and less. If you ever get a chance to meet TD it’s an opportunity you should not pass up, as he has a ton of knowledge and insight to pass on. And you’ll leave feeling fired up and ready to take on the world. Not only does Todd train numberous NFL, NBA and MLB players, an awesome facility called Fitness Quest 10, but he also does a ton of speaking both in the fitness and corporate world.

With his release on his Fitness Business Success System at the end of 2013 you can just feel that Todd’s got some big things ahead for 2014. His website is (and be sure to check out the article he just put out on 137 Ways to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet)


frank-nashFrank is one of the funniest guys in the industry (if not a bit of a nerd). He’s got a great sense of humour, but even better he’s a very switched on trainer and businessman. He’s got a successful gym called Frank Nash Training Systems in Worcester, Massachusetts, and runs Fitness Click which provides social media help for fitness professionals.

But in 2014 I know Frank is not only making a number of presentations around the US, but he’s also going international as one of the featured presenters at Australia’s major fitness convention (FILEX), along with some accompanying workshops down under. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg for him this year. And where else would you find a nerd who has a social media company but on Facebook at


martin-rooneyMartin has been on a crusade against obesity for the last few years and his Training for Warriors program is set for a ground-breaking year in 2014. With workshops and speaking engagements around the world, making sure you see Martin live should be on your to-do list for this year (you can thank me later). Martin absolutely oozes passion and enthusiasm.

There are not many people who can stand up and talk for 3 hours and leave you wanting more, but that’s exactly what you get every time Martin speaks. If the last 2 years is any indication for what he has in store for 2014, then you should closely follow because everything he puts out is world class. Check out to see when and where Martin will be in 2014 (and I HIGHLY recommend checking out his DOJO, it’s money well invested!).


KhaledNow this is a name a lot of you will have never have heard of, but you will. Khaled is the founder of the NorCal Fitness Summit up in the Bay Area of California. Frustrated that there wasn’t any top notch fitness events up his way he did what anyone else would do and just created one! Last year he hosted the inaugural event and is already assembling an amazing line up for his next one this April. Although he’s not announced the presenter’s I know that Dan John is one of the headliners.

Khaled is one of my sleepers, but he’s a hustler and really wants to help improve the fitness industry so keep a look out for what he’s up to. And if you’re looking for a great event in April go to

Chad Wesley Smith

Chad-Wesley-SmithIf you’ve not heard of the Juggernaut Training System then you better go check out what Chad Wesley Smith has been quickly putting together for the past few years. You’ll be hard pressed to find better information on getting strong (I mean really strong) than on their site

The team of people Chad has assemble are top notch and are the type of people that when they open their mouths you should be quiet and listen. And by the look of it 2014 will be the tipping point for Chad and the Juggernaut team.

Vito La Fata

VitoHere’s another name you may not be familiar with, but Vito has been masterminding and attending high end workshops with some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing (Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Dan Kennedy, and Frank Kern) and has been the “behind the scenes” guy of a couple of industry leaders program launches.

After speaking with him at the end of the year, I know he’s got some big things planned for 2014. So whether you actually know he’s behind it, Vito is going to make some major splashes in the industry this year. Go and check him out at his site

Rob King

rob-kingRob is another one of my sleepers on this list. He is a relentless worker who’s established both an online business and two booming physical businesses in the not so booming province of Newfoundland. And he tends to be at almost EVERY convention, workshop or conference related to fitness. To top this off he is a very modest and quiet guy who is a testament to the fitness industry.

Know I have no idea what Rob has planned for 2014, but I’ve got a feeling whatever it is he ends up doing we’ll finally notice it. I’m excited to see what Rob comes out with, so jump over to his site at

David Dellanave

David-DellanaveHow can you not like a guy so obsessed with deadlifting he wrote an entire book on it? Over the last 12 months David’s name has been showing up more and more all over the Internet, as well as in some major fitness publications which leads me to believe there is a lot more to come in 2014.

David is probably smarter than he gives himself credit for, along with a great sense of humour, which has him poised to make some waves this year. Make sure to check out his stuff on biofeedback at his site

Rick Mayo

rick-mayoRick has quietly gone along building up a reputation as the go to guy when it comes to implementing a training business based on group training. If you’ve ever heard him speak you’d have to agree that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who packs more information into 90 minutes than he does. He blends the training geek with the business savvy like no one I’ve ever seen.

And he does all this without any ego and little bit of southern charm. If you want to improve your business in 2014 then you NEED to make it to an event where Rick is speaking (check out for some events he’s at). Be sure to check out his other site as well.

Josh Henkin

Josh-HenkinCalling Josh a sleeper for 2014 would almost be an insult. Although he’s very well know for his Ultimate Sandbags and his great educational program Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, he tends to stay under the radar with his laid back, unassuming nature. I’m predicting big things for Josh and his team at Ultimate Sandbags for 2014.

There has been a lot of work and focus put on creating an outstanding course, both the content and the experience, and I think that this will be the year that the DVRT program explodes across the globe. If you haven’t check him out go to or go check out some of the 100’s of video’s Josh has up on his youtube page ( Mark my words, 2014 is the year of the Ultimate Sandbag.

AJ Roberts

AJ-RobertsAJ knows how to use the Internet to dramatically improve your business, in which he made 7 figures in his early 20’s. Having worked with some of the top Internet Marketers on the planet, he knows his shit. He’s also been a world champion powerlifter, so it’s safe to say that when he puts his mind towards something he gets it done.

And AJ has now dedicated himself to the fitness industry this coming year, so I can only imagine the kind of affect he will have on it. That and he’s set his mind on now competing in bodybuilding! It will be an interesting year and I’m very excited to see what AJ has planned. So make sure you check him out over on Facebook where I know he’s at on a daily basis (

Scott Rawcliffe

Scott-HeadShot-smallI know, I know. I’ve included myself on this list but here me out. The reason I did it was because I’ve set some lofty goals for the upcoming year and plan on achieving them. Over the last 12 months I’ve spoke at some of the top conventions in the world, along with talking at a number of private facilities and have set the intention to improve the fitness industry.

I plan on doing this by bringing the fitness community closer together with my upcoming podcast specifically for fitness professionals (Stay Tuned). And by focusing on simplifying everything from business building to Facebook marketing to programming and exercise prescription for fitness professionals. Clearing the muddy waters of fitness for lack of a better term.

So I look forward to helping bring you the best and brightest minds in the fitness world and sharing my journey and everything I’ve learned along the way.

I’d love for you to tell me who you’d like to hear on the podcast or what topics you’d like to see covered. And if you want to be the first to know when the podcast goes live make sure to go over to my Facebook page and LIKE it.

Here’s Your Content Packed Guide to Exercise Regressions and Progressions just for reading this post

Fitness Marketing Made Simple


So many personal trainers and fitness business owners turn marketing into something way more complex than it needs to be. How do I know? Because that’s exactly what I used to do and it’s one of the most common things I hear from new coaching clients I get.

So what I’m going to do in this blog post is share with you an extremely simple way to put together a marketing plan that works. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty components of marketing because if you don’t start with this, you’ll just over complicate things and most likely get nothing done.

And if you are someone who suffers from paralysis from analysis here is what I want you to do.

Follow the steps that I lay out.

Know that it is not going to be perfect.

Keep track of everything, so you know what worked well and what didn’t

Tweak it and do it again

The more that you do this, the better your marketing will get. Take on the mindset of Thomas Edison.

Step 1: Split your Marketing Campaigns into 3 Groups

The 3 campaigns are Internal, External and Community.

Internal campaigns target the people already in your facility so you could do things like shake of the day, an accountability program or some type of speciality program (Get Your Swing On; focusing on teaching people how to use kettlebells).

External campaigns target people outside of your facility. This is the type of marketing most people think of so there are numerous ways to do this. The most common one I see is some sort of 14/21/1 month feeder program, or at this time of year a new years resolution program.

A community campaign is a great way to raise awareness of your facility/business, and many times it’s also a way to give back. Things like lunch and learns at local businesses, a charity workout on a Saturday morning or a free sports performance workshop for a local youth team are all great ways to get out into the community and drive leads into your business.

Step 2: Pick 1 for Every Quarter

Now that you’ve split your marketing into 3 categories pick one type of campaign from each for this quarter.

So for example you may run a 6-week new years resolution program (external), a Feel Better with Foam Rolling 4-week program (internal), and a charity workout for the Habitat for Humanity organization.

Step 3: Put them into your Calendar

calendar2Once you’ve picked out your campaigns figure out the start and end date for each campaign and put them into your calendar. Just be careful that they don’t overlap or fail too close to each other if they are similar campaigns or are staff intensive.

So lets plan this out.

Your New Years program starts Monday January 13th and with this program it can actually be an external and internal program depending on how you set it up. But still make sure that you have 3 campaigns for the quarter.

Your Feel Better with Foam Rolling program starts March 3rd. Each week you have a morning and evening (or whatever your busy times are) 45-60 minute group session where you teach them how to use the foam roller and give them a print out of the routine that they can do before or after their workout and at home. You could charge a small amount of money and throw in the foam roller or you could make it free and sell foam rollers on the back end.

Your Charity workout will take place on March 22nd at your facility.

Step 4: Reverse Engineer It

kissNow that you have picked start dates you want to plan out what needs to be done before the program starts. This is where most trainers like to make things difficult so lets KISS it (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Make a list of things that you need to do 6 weeks, 4 weeks, and 2 weeks before the program/event starts. And then make sure you get it done.

Here are a couple examples. At 6 weeks out you may get all the artwork done for your flyers, then at 4 weeks you will distribute the flyers, then at 2 weeks out you start sending out your emails about the program. There is obliviously a few more things to do but that should get you thinking.

Step 5: Rock the Event

rock-itNow do what you do best and make the program absolutely amazing! Over-deliver and you’ll create raving fans and new leads ready to start training with you long term.

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