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The Secret To Success on Social Media for Personal Trainers

Social Media Success for Personal Trainers









It’s so easy to get distracted on what to do with your social media accounts. With all the “Facebook ninja tricks” and “secret conversion methods” that get promoted out there, it’s not wonder so many fit pros get lost on where to start.

But when you step back and look at your social media plan on a whole, there really is only one place to start to have success on social media for personal trainers. And that’s creating a content calendar for what you’re putting out.

There are a number of reasons why it’s important to create your content calendar, but I’m going to give you the two biggest ones.

1. You’ll actually be putting out a consistent message, which allows your prospects to understand what you and your business are about. And hopefully whether it’s the right one for them.

You may not think that you have much to share, but I can assure you that even if you never learned another things for the rest of your life, you’ll still not be able to share everything you know. And whether you realise it or not, there are people out there literally dying to meet you. You could be the one person who will help them get off the anti-depressants, or make them feel good about themselves, or actually help them lose weight for the first time in their lives.

Pretty deep, I know, but that is the real power behind social media. But this only happens when you are able to communicate what you’re all about.

2. When you think through your marketing via social media, you’ll actually get new clients from it. If you’re anything like me, you want to help as many people as you can, but at the end of the day you have to put food on the table. So you need to be generating new clients from the time you spend on marketing. And yes, that’s what social media is.

If you think through what programs you have coming up and can preframe it with thought out content, you’ll get fans and followers actually contacting you. But this doesn’t happen for most fit pros because they just reactively post random things. How many times have you thought, you man I haven’t posted on Facebook today, better throw something up. If you haven’t, then well done. But you’d be surprised how many fit pros do this.

Now before you real off 101 reasons why you don’t have time to do this, let me share with you some of my best strategies that will allow you to.

Social Media Marketing for Fitness

First off you need to figure out what social media channels you’re going to focus your time on developing. I typically recommend that you start with 2, build some momentum and a following before adding any more social channels.

So how do you determine which ones to focus on? That’s simple, it’s where your prospects hang out. I would highly recommend that Facebook be one of them because of their in depth advertising platform, but that’s for another article.


If you’re unsure what social network you prospects are active on check out these usage graphs for 2015:

Social Media for Personal Trainers

Facebook for Personal TrainersTwitter for Personal TrainersInstagram for Personal Trainers



Pinterest for Personal Trainers


Once you’ve picked your 2 main social channels it’s time to figure out what you’re going to post. This is where most fit pros get stumped, but it’s really not the hard. I’m going to give you a way to plan out your content for all 4 major platforms, but I’m also going to give you some additional platform specific tips as well.

I find the best place to start is with your Facebook page, and I like people to pick a topic or theme for each day. This will not only help you save a ton of time creating the content, but also give your posts some consistency.

Here is a list of some idea’s:

  • Motivational Quote
  • Healthy Recipe
  • Training Tip
  • Exercise of the Week
  • Question
  • True or False
  • Throwback Thursday
  • Testimonial Video
  • Client Appreciation/Shout Out
  • Food Fact
  • Blog post
  • In Action Workout Video
  • Upcoming Events
  • Session Action Shot
  • Poll
  • Success Story
  • Time Management Tip
  • This, This or That (ex. Squats, Deadlifts or Lunges?)
  • Yoga Pose of the Week
  • Stretch of the Week
  • Humpday Humour
  • Photobomb Friday (my personal favourite)
  • Did You Know

You can even use a tool like PostPlanner to help you find the most viral social media content to use on your own platforms.

So as you can see the possibilities are endless. Two things you really want to think about when picking your different themes are what will my fans find helpful and what can I share to help my fans get better results. But don’t forget to make sure that you allow for posts that let your fans see your clients success, along with your personal side. No one wants to deal with a corporate social media page.

A couple of other things that you will want to write out before you start creating your content is a list of any upcoming events, programs or announcements that you will want to promote. So if you have a new fat loss program coming up you may want to talk about “fat loss tips” leading up to announcing the program to get people thinking about it.

Facebook Marketing for Fitness

You’ll also want to make a list of any upcoming holidays or events coming up that you can use on your social channels. Things like the Superbowl or the Academy Awards could make for some very engaging posts for your followers.

Now once you’ve figured out a topic or theme for each day, set aside some time at the start of the week or month to create your content. Personally, if you struggle with time management then I highly suggest you do this monthly. This way you can power through and create 4 posts for each topic/theme and have a whole months worth of content in 30-90 minutes.


I usually recommend picking your topics/themes to create your Facebook posts, then from there see what you can repurpose for your other channels. Not all of it will work, but use what you can since a percentage of your fans will miss out on your posts each day.
Here is how I would repurpose your Facebook content:

twitter logo

For Twitter I would schedule and share a whole months worth of posts in a week, then share it weekly at different times each week. So each week you’d share all 4 motivational posts, and all 4 recipes, and on and on. Then the following week just switch up the order they get shared. I’m a big fan of Socialoomph for scheduling my Tweets, but you can also use Hootsuite or Buffer.

If you want to add more tweets to your schedule, I would make a huge list of motivational quotes, blog posts and recipes and just have these on a schedule to go out regularly. This will help bump up your feed. This is especially powerful for getting more eyeballs on your blog posts.

You could even go one step further and use a program called Sniply which allows you to have a clickable link pop up on the page you share which allows people to opt in to your list.

If you do have a blog, here is a super tip for your Twitter feed. Make a list of all your blog post URLs, then for each blog create 5-7 different tweets that include a link to the blog post. You can use Sniply or to shorten the link. Again, the more eyeballs you can get onto your site, the better. Especially if you’ve got your Facebook retargeting pixel set up on it!

Instagram Logo

For Instagram go in and create captivating images using This program will make you look like a photoshop pro and allows you to create images in the right dimensions for every social channel including Instagram (which is 800×800 in case you’re wondering). Again, not every theme may work directly with Instagram, but you can modify or just summarize what you’ve created for Facebook.

Now if you really want to share some time, create 7-12 different templates/layouts on a single page on Canva this way you can go back and re-use these templates over and over again. This also allows you to brand your Instagram artwork with similar text and colours so hopefully over time your fans recognize your posts. If you’ve not used Canva before this is probably a little confusing, but don’t worry because as soon as you try it, this will all make sense.

Pinterest Marketing for Fitness

Pinterest – for Pinterest I would either create or add to one of your boards each week with 1-2 of your themes. This way will save you time, but also keep you from pulling your hair out.
Again, I would use Canva to create your images, and try to use the 7-12 templates over and over again. One thing you’ll want to do is to try to have as many pins as possible link back to your website or other social channels.
At this point you might be wondering how the heck will you keep track of all this. Well here is a screenshot of a simple Google Sheet that I’ve created for you:

Social Media for Gyms

[sociallocker id=”1190″] Click Here To Get Your Content Calendar [/sociallocker]

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it just needs to work for you. So now that you know how to create your own content calendar, have a sample one you can start using, there’s no excuse to not start sharing great info with you followers. Remember, there are people out there who are dying to meet you, so get your message out there.



3 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Post Reach for Fit Pros

Facebook Tips for Trainers









With more and more businesses turning to Facebook it’s getting harder to get your message seen. Nearly every time the topic of Facebook comes up at a convention I’m speaking at someone complains about the lack of reach their posts are getting now.

Facebook for Personal Trainers

But instead of complaining about this, take it as constructive criticism that maybe your audience doesn’t like what you’re sharing. Basically, the less your fans click on your posts, the further down Facebook’s algorithm your page gets pushed. So it’s actually your fault that your posts are showing up to your fans.

Don’t worry though because I’m going to share with you X ways that you can start to get your posts to show up in your fans newsfeed again.


  1. Start using video’s

As of right now, video’s are getting the best organic reach (non ads) on Facebook and I don’t see this changing any time soon. As of June 2015 there are 4 Billion video views a day on Facebook. So jump on this trend.

And just take a look at how quickly Facebook video’s have been growing!

Facebook Tips for Personal Trainers
One little tip when creating your video is to try to make the start of your video’s stand out and grab people’s attention. Just think about how fast you scroll through your newsfeed. If you’re not catching people’s attention then they probably won’t stop to watch it.  Also, try not to say anything that your viewer needs to hear in the first 5 seconds because until they tap the screen or un-mute the video, they won’t hear anything.

  1. Ask Your Fans


Ask Microphone Questions Answers Cord Inquiry

Instead of just assuming you know what they want to see, actually ask them what type of content they would like you to share. This way you know for a fact you’re giving your fans stuff they will engage in. And if you’re not sure what to post, just copy this:

What Do You Want?

We don’t want to be like all those other pages out there and just post useless stuff.   We want to provide you great stuff that actually helps, so let us know in the comments section what types of things you like to see more of on our page. For example, would you like more recipes, quick home workouts, motivational quotes or simple cooking tips. Or is there something else you want? Let us know, we’re all ears!


  1. Client Shout-outs

Facebook Marketing for Gyms

Start featuring client results or just a group picture of a great group training session on a regular basis. Pick a day of the week and share one of these EVERY week. And then be sure to tag your clients in the post.

And before you say that you can’t do that, give me a second to explain. Pages are only allowed to tag other pages, so that’s why you’re not able to tag clients. But all you need to do is switch to your personal profile once you’ve already posted the picture on your business page and tag your client. The only time this will not work is if that client has set up their privacy settings that doesn’t allow this.

Here is a quick video that shows you how to do it:


So there are 3 ways you can start to get more of your posts to start to reach more fans that won’t cost you a cent! Now get to it.





Facebook Timeline Changes For Your Fitness Page


As you may have noticed over the past couple weeks, the timeline of your Facebook page has changed to a one column design. There are a few things that have been moved around, but I think it looks a lot cleaner.

One thing I really like is on the right hand side you can see a tab that says this week. This gives you an easy way to see some of the stats for your page. This is great for those of you who get “too busy” to look at your insights. This way you can just make a habit that each week you write down your Post Reach and see how it differs from week to week to give you an idea of how good your content has been.

One thing that you need to take notice of is the fact that you can only have 3 tabs visible on the top of your page. I would highly recommend that you re order these to make sure whatever you’re using to capture emails addresses appears on this bar. You could also possible put one of your other social media feeds in there too, but I would never take away your About tab, as this should always be easy to find for new fans and prospective clients.


You can have another 3 apps down the left hand side a little further down too. This is where I would include your other social media tabs.


Although there are other changes to your timeline, these are the ones that you need to know about and make sure you fix them up to get the most out of your fan page.

Ninja Facebook Marketing


Learn the newest “ninja Facebook marketing tactic”.

Use this one Facebook trick to get new clients.

This is something that drives me crazy. Do you really want to trick people into being your client? And the whole “ninja” thing to me, is the term people use that lack the ability to actually explain what they really mean.

As a fitness professional you should look at Facebook as an amazing opportunity to get in front of your prospective (and current clients) and help them understand your “why”. Your why is the reason people buy from you and Facebook allows you to “tell your story” day after day until they realise you are the solution to their problem.

If you’re approaching Facebook as a way use “secret tricks” to find new clients then you’re missing the point. And your content probably shows this. There is no doubt that Facebook has some great tools to help you attract new clients, but it should be used in conjunction with the rest of your marketing. Have a plan and know what the end goal of what you are doing is.

Have you mapped out a plan, with measurable goals, about how you want to use Facebook? If you’re just on there because everyone else is, then I would highly recommend you stop wasting your time. It’s exactly like we tell our clients about having goals, what can’t be measured can’t be managed. So take a moment and think about why you’re using Facebook, but please don’t say it’s to get as many likes as possible. Although it may help fill your ego, it’s not going to do anything to help improve you business.

So maybe it’s to get your fans to opt in for a free report so that you can get start to market to them via email. Maybe it’s a place for you to tell your story and let people discover your why. Or maybe it’s a place to put up online offers (but I’d warn you, you’ve got to be careful with how you sell via Facebook). Whatever it is, just make sure you have a goal.

What I like to do, and use with my social-media consulting clients, is to strategically use a combination of all of these. We might spend a couple of weeks concentrating on posting really valuable, engaging content that both educates our fans and allows them to get to know us much better. Then after building up this goodwill we will put an offer in front of them, either in the form of an upcoming program we are running, or maybe just a free resource to get their email. Then we might spend a few weeks trying to increase the number of fans on our page, targeting people who fit our demographic. And then we’ll just continue to rotate through these types of combinations.

In closing, have a goal for your Facebook page then make a plan to achieve it. And stop looking for new tricks because Facebook is all about relationship building.


How to Use Facebook in Your Fitness Business


We’ve all heard about how Facebook will get us tons of clients and make us all lots of money. And I don’t disagree that Facebook is a great way to generate leads (if you know what you’re doing). But there are ALOT of fitness pages that are missing the point and have no structure. I get it. There’s so much information out there and you’re not sure what to do.

Quite frankly, there are too many people (for my liking) out there spouting off that they are Facebook experts, but then when I hear what they have to say it quickly becomes apparent that they really are leading people astray. And because it pains me to see my colleagues get scammed into using a service that actually doesn’t help, shoot me an email if you’re not sure. I’ve had so many people help me over the years, it’s the least I can do to give back.

So in an attempt to give some solid guidance on how to get your Facebook page to start performing better and actually make it work for your business I’ve put together this straight, to the point blog post. I’ve even got an infographic so you can download it and put it on your desktop to refer to.

1. Make a Plan for Your Posts

calendarIf you don’t have a plan of what type of content you are going to post each day, then chances are you’re just throwing out random bits of information that your fans will not connect with. Use daily topics like Motivational Monday, Trainer Tip Tuesdays, Foodie Friday to help engage your fans more and have them looking forward to your content.

2. Be Social and Stop Selling

socialThis is probably the biggest mistake that I see on most fitness Facebook pages. Stop only posting about what classes and specials you have. Make your status updates relevant and helpful to your fans and start earning the chance to sell! We all know that people need to know, like and trust you before they buy from you. And if you don’t believe me then let me ask you what you think of pages popping up on your newsfeed who are always selling… don’t like it so quit doing this to your fans.

3. Get More Engagement

engagementIf you’re not getting likes, comments or people sharing your content then I’m pretty sure that most of your fans aren’t seeing your posts. Here’s two tips for increasing engagement; Ask for it (Click LIKE if you agree) and use questions as posts. Current stats show that only 12.6% of your fans ever see your posts, but the more engagement you get the higher this number will increase.

4. Use a Variety of Post Types

varietyPhotos on average, generate 2X more engagement than other post types, but don’t rely only on pictures. You should also link to useful articles or blog posts, as well as just plain old text to keep things fresh. But don’t ignore what works best. If you get a lot more Likes when you share useful articles then go find more articles to share.

5. Add Your Own Flair

Rick-FlairYour Facebook page gives you a chance to show your fans (and prospective clients) who you really are, so let this come through with what you post. If you are known to have a sense of humour, post funny pictures or jokes. Maybe you are great in the kitchen, so you would post your recipes or pictures of your meals. I think you get the point, but the worst thing you can do is to seem corporate and not human.

Hope you found this helpful and epic. And how can a post not be epic when it ends with a picture of Rick Flair?!


Fitness Marketing Made Simple


So many personal trainers and fitness business owners turn marketing into something way more complex than it needs to be. How do I know? Because that’s exactly what I used to do and it’s one of the most common things I hear from new coaching clients I get.

So what I’m going to do in this blog post is share with you an extremely simple way to put together a marketing plan that works. I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty components of marketing because if you don’t start with this, you’ll just over complicate things and most likely get nothing done.

And if you are someone who suffers from paralysis from analysis here is what I want you to do.

Follow the steps that I lay out.

Know that it is not going to be perfect.

Keep track of everything, so you know what worked well and what didn’t

Tweak it and do it again

The more that you do this, the better your marketing will get. Take on the mindset of Thomas Edison.

Step 1: Split your Marketing Campaigns into 3 Groups

The 3 campaigns are Internal, External and Community.

Internal campaigns target the people already in your facility so you could do things like shake of the day, an accountability program or some type of speciality program (Get Your Swing On; focusing on teaching people how to use kettlebells).

External campaigns target people outside of your facility. This is the type of marketing most people think of so there are numerous ways to do this. The most common one I see is some sort of 14/21/1 month feeder program, or at this time of year a new years resolution program.

A community campaign is a great way to raise awareness of your facility/business, and many times it’s also a way to give back. Things like lunch and learns at local businesses, a charity workout on a Saturday morning or a free sports performance workshop for a local youth team are all great ways to get out into the community and drive leads into your business.

Step 2: Pick 1 for Every Quarter

Now that you’ve split your marketing into 3 categories pick one type of campaign from each for this quarter.

So for example you may run a 6-week new years resolution program (external), a Feel Better with Foam Rolling 4-week program (internal), and a charity workout for the Habitat for Humanity organization.

Step 3: Put them into your Calendar

calendar2Once you’ve picked out your campaigns figure out the start and end date for each campaign and put them into your calendar. Just be careful that they don’t overlap or fail too close to each other if they are similar campaigns or are staff intensive.

So lets plan this out.

Your New Years program starts Monday January 13th and with this program it can actually be an external and internal program depending on how you set it up. But still make sure that you have 3 campaigns for the quarter.

Your Feel Better with Foam Rolling program starts March 3rd. Each week you have a morning and evening (or whatever your busy times are) 45-60 minute group session where you teach them how to use the foam roller and give them a print out of the routine that they can do before or after their workout and at home. You could charge a small amount of money and throw in the foam roller or you could make it free and sell foam rollers on the back end.

Your Charity workout will take place on March 22nd at your facility.

Step 4: Reverse Engineer It

kissNow that you have picked start dates you want to plan out what needs to be done before the program starts. This is where most trainers like to make things difficult so lets KISS it (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Make a list of things that you need to do 6 weeks, 4 weeks, and 2 weeks before the program/event starts. And then make sure you get it done.

Here are a couple examples. At 6 weeks out you may get all the artwork done for your flyers, then at 4 weeks you will distribute the flyers, then at 2 weeks out you start sending out your emails about the program. There is obliviously a few more things to do but that should get you thinking.

Step 5: Rock the Event

rock-itNow do what you do best and make the program absolutely amazing! Over-deliver and you’ll create raving fans and new leads ready to start training with you long term.

If you found this blog post helpful do me a favour and give it a little social love by sharing it.