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Episode 32

Biofeedback training

This week I’ve got David Dellanave on the phone. David is the owner of Movement Minneapolis and wrote the book, Off the Floor, which he was gracious enough to give you listeners a special discount.  In this episode David tells us all about biofeedback testing and how you can easily implement it into your training.  Pretty powerful but misunderstood stuff.

To Find Out More About David:

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • What is biofeedback
  • How it works
  • How to use biofeedback with your clients
  • Misconceptions of physical culture
  • The most misunderstood exercises from the old time physical culture
  • And more!


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Off The Floor Program (Fit Pro Podcast special discount)

Get Stronger Faster Program (Fit Pro Podcast special discount)

Dragon Door

Adam T Glass 




Training Splits

Periodization for Personal Trainers

Without getting caught up in the semantics of periodization, there are 4 basic training splits that most personal trainers use:

  • Total Body
  • Upper/Lower Split
  • Push Pull Split
  • Body Part Split


Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, but what we use with the majority of clients in our business (yes, I’ve got a partner in crime) is a total body approach. The main reason behind this is that most of our clients come to us to lose weight, and we find that this works best.
But beyond what we’ve seen with our own clients, I wanted to share a couple of research studies that back up what we’re doing before I go into exactly how we break our programs down.

This study compared 2 groups training with the same volume per muscle per week (3 sets performed once per week vs 1 set performed 3 times per week). And what they found was the group that trained only 1 day per week only achieved only a 62% strength improvement and less addition of muscle mass compared to the 3 times per week group.


McLester et al, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2000, 14(3), 273-281
This next paper concluded that 2-3 days a week per muscle group was optimal for hypertrophy.

Wernbom et al, Sports Med. 2007;37(3):225-64


Our training approach for most clients combine strength training sessions with metabolic resistance training sessions, with almost all of our clients getting in at least 2 of each on a weekly basis. This is not the approach we take with athletes or with most of our older population clients (60+), although we do have a fair few 60 year olds who actually do.

We use a few different variations of how we structured our training programs (which I’ve include at the end of this article for you to download) but I’m going to go through 3 basic templates for you here. So if you like these and feel they would work with your clients, then by all means copy them or tweak them to fit your training clients. I think we can learn A LOT from looking at how other people we respect train their clients, and that’s exactly why I talk to as many people as I can about how they structure their programs and more importantly why. I’ll also purchase other people’s ebooks or products to have an in depth look at their thought process behind their programs.

The more you look at different programs, the more you realise that there are a lot of similarities between them all.   With just their little tweaks or changes, which are usually based on the demographic, they work with.

So here are 3 that we’ve used over the years:

Template #1:

A1. Knee Dominant
A2. Pull
A3. Core/Mobility Exercise

B1. Hip Dominant
B2. Push
B3. Core/Mobility Exercise

Template #2:

Program A                                          Program B

A1. Squat                                            A1. Vertical Hip Dominant
A2. Vertical Pull                                  A2. Vertical Push
A3. Core                                             A3. Core

B1. Lunge/Single Leg                         B1. Horizontal Hip Dominant
B2. Horizontal Pull                            B2. Horizontal Push
B3. Carry                                           B3. Carry

Template #3:

A1. Squat                                            A1. Hinge
A2. Pull                                               A2. Push

B1. Lunge                                           B1. Complex/Combo Exercise
B2. Complex/Combo Exercise            B2. Complex/Combo Exercise
B3. Core                                             B3. Core
B4. Emotional Exercise                       B4. Emotional Exercise


Hope you find these helpful and you can download my top 5 Training Templates below:

What Our Potential Clients ACTUALLY See’s (it’s not what you think)

Do your potential clients actually see what you do as anything different than one of those cheap $50/month bootcamps or the spin class at the commercial gym (which they don’t pay any additional fee for)? From the outside looking in, all the fitness consumer see’s is a group of people getting sweaty. And one’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the other!

Price Wars…….

larp-battleWith more personal trainers and gyms popping up every week we are seeing a dangerous trend emerging in the fitness field, and that is price-cutting. Too many fitness businesses are starting to compete on price. They continually lower their prices thinking that if they get their prices low enough, none of the other fitness businesses will be able to compete with them. And from the outside looking in, our potential clients may not see any difference between the structured programming that you’ve put together to ensure them results, and the one size fits all workout of the day.

And they may never know that there is a huge difference, unless you can get them in front of you and educate them on what they need to be doing. But how in the heck do you do this when your prices are so much higher?

Group Training to the Rescue

Superhero-failIf you have not introduced some sort of group training into your business, you are going to miss the boat and your business will suffer. I’m not saying that 1-on-1 training is dead, but you need to have an offer for people who cannot or are not yet ready to spend big bucks on fitness. And from a business stand point; this is one major advantage of group training. It allows you to offer people a low hanging piece of fruit to pick and sample to see if they like it. We sometimes forget that fitness is an acquired taste, and not everyone is going to fall in love after their first bite. As we all know, sometimes that first bite can have the bitter taste of lactic acid and DOMS.

This is what a lot of potential clients think of fitness!


”From the outside looking in, all the fitness consumer see’s is a group of people getting sweaty”
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But if they eat it enough, and we know they’ll love it!

But if you can offer a new client the chance to come back and try a few more pieces of your fitness fruit, they are going to realize that it’s not always going to wake up the next day and feel every last muscle in their body. They will start to get hooked on those endorphins that they had read about in the latest magazine article.

The Fitness Experience

Do you offer some sort of trial or short term membership so that potential clients can try it out for under $100? Something where they will have the chance to come in numerous times over a 2 to 4 week period and acquire the taste of fitness? This is an essential offering in today’s competitive fitness market, but it’s a hard thing to do if you only offer 1-on-1 training. So if you’re not offering this service you may want to take some time and look at it.

But I Love 1-on-1 Training

If you love doing 1-on-1 training, I’m not saying you have to stop doing it, or stop making it your main service. You could “upsell” a lot of these people that come in and purchase a trial group training experience into 1-on-1 training. But now you have an offer to compete with all those low priced bootcamps and gyms to at least bring those people in the door that don’t see a difference (yet!).

shareToo many trainers are getting frustrated with this shift in the market, and their business is suffering but there is a solution. And it’s as simple as putting a few group training sessions onto your schedule to help bring people in thru your doors. If you found this article helpful, please click the share button below so we can continue to grow the fitness industry on quality, not just price!


Twelve Fit Pro’s That Will Make a Splash in 2014


This is not one of those typical lists of “the top fitness professionals” that you may have seen appearing now that it’s the start of another year. There is a mixture of both big names, up and comers, and some sleeper’s (as I like to term them) that encompass this list. It’s my “Dynamic Dozen” fitness professionals who I think will make a splash (all in their own unique ways) in 2014.

Now before I go through everyone I want to make one thing clear, this is by no means in any order so I don’t want to hear any arguments that someone should have been ranked higher!


Todd-DurkinYou won’t find a more humble and integral guy in the fitness industry, which sadly these days is becoming less and less. If you ever get a chance to meet TD it’s an opportunity you should not pass up, as he has a ton of knowledge and insight to pass on. And you’ll leave feeling fired up and ready to take on the world. Not only does Todd train numberous NFL, NBA and MLB players, an awesome facility called Fitness Quest 10, but he also does a ton of speaking both in the fitness and corporate world.

With his release on his Fitness Business Success System at the end of 2013 you can just feel that Todd’s got some big things ahead for 2014. His website is (and be sure to check out the article he just put out on 137 Ways to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet)


frank-nashFrank is one of the funniest guys in the industry (if not a bit of a nerd). He’s got a great sense of humour, but even better he’s a very switched on trainer and businessman. He’s got a successful gym called Frank Nash Training Systems in Worcester, Massachusetts, and runs Fitness Click which provides social media help for fitness professionals.

But in 2014 I know Frank is not only making a number of presentations around the US, but he’s also going international as one of the featured presenters at Australia’s major fitness convention (FILEX), along with some accompanying workshops down under. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg for him this year. And where else would you find a nerd who has a social media company but on Facebook at


martin-rooneyMartin has been on a crusade against obesity for the last few years and his Training for Warriors program is set for a ground-breaking year in 2014. With workshops and speaking engagements around the world, making sure you see Martin live should be on your to-do list for this year (you can thank me later). Martin absolutely oozes passion and enthusiasm.

There are not many people who can stand up and talk for 3 hours and leave you wanting more, but that’s exactly what you get every time Martin speaks. If the last 2 years is any indication for what he has in store for 2014, then you should closely follow because everything he puts out is world class. Check out to see when and where Martin will be in 2014 (and I HIGHLY recommend checking out his DOJO, it’s money well invested!).


KhaledNow this is a name a lot of you will have never have heard of, but you will. Khaled is the founder of the NorCal Fitness Summit up in the Bay Area of California. Frustrated that there wasn’t any top notch fitness events up his way he did what anyone else would do and just created one! Last year he hosted the inaugural event and is already assembling an amazing line up for his next one this April. Although he’s not announced the presenter’s I know that Dan John is one of the headliners.

Khaled is one of my sleepers, but he’s a hustler and really wants to help improve the fitness industry so keep a look out for what he’s up to. And if you’re looking for a great event in April go to

Chad Wesley Smith

Chad-Wesley-SmithIf you’ve not heard of the Juggernaut Training System then you better go check out what Chad Wesley Smith has been quickly putting together for the past few years. You’ll be hard pressed to find better information on getting strong (I mean really strong) than on their site

The team of people Chad has assemble are top notch and are the type of people that when they open their mouths you should be quiet and listen. And by the look of it 2014 will be the tipping point for Chad and the Juggernaut team.

Vito La Fata

VitoHere’s another name you may not be familiar with, but Vito has been masterminding and attending high end workshops with some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing (Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Dan Kennedy, and Frank Kern) and has been the “behind the scenes” guy of a couple of industry leaders program launches.

After speaking with him at the end of the year, I know he’s got some big things planned for 2014. So whether you actually know he’s behind it, Vito is going to make some major splashes in the industry this year. Go and check him out at his site

Rob King

rob-kingRob is another one of my sleepers on this list. He is a relentless worker who’s established both an online business and two booming physical businesses in the not so booming province of Newfoundland. And he tends to be at almost EVERY convention, workshop or conference related to fitness. To top this off he is a very modest and quiet guy who is a testament to the fitness industry.

Know I have no idea what Rob has planned for 2014, but I’ve got a feeling whatever it is he ends up doing we’ll finally notice it. I’m excited to see what Rob comes out with, so jump over to his site at

David Dellanave

David-DellanaveHow can you not like a guy so obsessed with deadlifting he wrote an entire book on it? Over the last 12 months David’s name has been showing up more and more all over the Internet, as well as in some major fitness publications which leads me to believe there is a lot more to come in 2014.

David is probably smarter than he gives himself credit for, along with a great sense of humour, which has him poised to make some waves this year. Make sure to check out his stuff on biofeedback at his site

Rick Mayo

rick-mayoRick has quietly gone along building up a reputation as the go to guy when it comes to implementing a training business based on group training. If you’ve ever heard him speak you’d have to agree that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who packs more information into 90 minutes than he does. He blends the training geek with the business savvy like no one I’ve ever seen.

And he does all this without any ego and little bit of southern charm. If you want to improve your business in 2014 then you NEED to make it to an event where Rick is speaking (check out for some events he’s at). Be sure to check out his other site as well.

Josh Henkin

Josh-HenkinCalling Josh a sleeper for 2014 would almost be an insult. Although he’s very well know for his Ultimate Sandbags and his great educational program Dynamic Variable Resistance Training, he tends to stay under the radar with his laid back, unassuming nature. I’m predicting big things for Josh and his team at Ultimate Sandbags for 2014.

There has been a lot of work and focus put on creating an outstanding course, both the content and the experience, and I think that this will be the year that the DVRT program explodes across the globe. If you haven’t check him out go to or go check out some of the 100’s of video’s Josh has up on his youtube page ( Mark my words, 2014 is the year of the Ultimate Sandbag.

AJ Roberts

AJ-RobertsAJ knows how to use the Internet to dramatically improve your business, in which he made 7 figures in his early 20’s. Having worked with some of the top Internet Marketers on the planet, he knows his shit. He’s also been a world champion powerlifter, so it’s safe to say that when he puts his mind towards something he gets it done.

And AJ has now dedicated himself to the fitness industry this coming year, so I can only imagine the kind of affect he will have on it. That and he’s set his mind on now competing in bodybuilding! It will be an interesting year and I’m very excited to see what AJ has planned. So make sure you check him out over on Facebook where I know he’s at on a daily basis (

Scott Rawcliffe

Scott-HeadShot-smallI know, I know. I’ve included myself on this list but here me out. The reason I did it was because I’ve set some lofty goals for the upcoming year and plan on achieving them. Over the last 12 months I’ve spoke at some of the top conventions in the world, along with talking at a number of private facilities and have set the intention to improve the fitness industry.

I plan on doing this by bringing the fitness community closer together with my upcoming podcast specifically for fitness professionals (Stay Tuned). And by focusing on simplifying everything from business building to Facebook marketing to programming and exercise prescription for fitness professionals. Clearing the muddy waters of fitness for lack of a better term.

So I look forward to helping bring you the best and brightest minds in the fitness world and sharing my journey and everything I’ve learned along the way.

I’d love for you to tell me who you’d like to hear on the podcast or what topics you’d like to see covered. And if you want to be the first to know when the podcast goes live make sure to go over to my Facebook page and LIKE it.

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