Client-Generating Facebook Posts

There are so many things that you can post on Facebook, and if you follow my EIE formula then you already know what makes a great post. However, you also need to be making posts with the sole intention of getting new clients in the door; and although there are a number of posts that work, we’ve found that there are 4 that work best and that’s exactly what you’re about to discover.

Sound good?

Of course it does!

The first one is the “Before & After” picture post. Although you can’t turn this into an ad, if you word it right and make sure to tag the actual person, it will get in front of a lot of your fans, as well as their friends. I know that not all your clients will feel comfortable with taking pictures or sharing it on social media, but for those who don’t mind, make sure you’re sharing these on a consistent basis!

before and after silhouettes

Power Tip: End with a call to action like, “Click LIKE if you think (client’s name) transformation is awesome too!”

The “Success Story” post is a great one to use especially if you don’t have any before and afters. This is simply a longer post (think mini article) talking about your client’s journey. Here is a simple structure to write it:

  1. What was their life like before they started working out with you?
  2. What was their first major hurdle they overcame?
  3. What was the big result/goal that they achieved?
  4. What unexpected thing changed/happened while working with you?

Success Story

Power Tip: Take a picture of them either working out or with you to use in the post.

Next up, I’ve got a question for you. Are you filming at least 4 video testimonials each month? If not, what’s stopping you? It can’t be that you don’t have the time or the tools because they only take a minute or two and I know you have a smart phone. And I’ve got a little secret for you: they don’t need to be professionally filmed. So start scheduling into your diary to get these done.

There are a couple of reasons why these work so well. First off, video is the future of Facebook and video’s will almost always get you a much greater reach than any other post type. Secondly, video testimonials are much more believable and relatable to others. But unfortunately, most fitness professionals don’t use these enough. Heck, as I’m writing this I’m realizing I need to get more of these done as well.

Group of sportive people in a gym taking selfie - Happy sporty friends in a weight room while training - Concepts about lifestyle and sport in a fitness club

Power Tip: Hold your smart phone at your chest horizontally while filming and have your client talk to you. This will make them much more comfortable.

The last post type I’m going to share is the easiest one of them all. It’s the “client shout out/showcase” post. With this post type all you’re going to do is take an action shot/video or a picture of them after their workout when they’ve done something out of the ordinary. Maybe they set a new PR, lost some weight or just had a great workout. And then in your post you’re just going to showcase their achievement. Again, make sure that you tag them in the post so that more of their friends see it. And don’t forget that call to action like I mentioned back in the before and after post.

Determined young boy trying to lift a heavy weight bar
Power Tip: Get in the habit of filming a small titbit of clients working out a couple times a week so that you can use them to showcase them. This way you’re never left without something to post.

So now that you know the 4 best Facebook post types that will get you new clients, all you have to do is to schedule these into your weekly calendar of posts. Sometimes we like to over complicate things when there is no need to, so even though these are simple things, are you doing them on a consistent basis? Now go out there and dominate your competition on Facebook!

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