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Corrective Exercise Evan Osar

This week’s guest is Dr Evan Osar. Evan is the founder of Fitness Education Seminars, an education company with the mission of helping trainers and therapist recognize their role as a part of the solution to the health care crisis. An internationally renowned speaker, Dr. Osar presents for several national and international organizations including American Council on Exercise, Club Industry, ECA World Fitness, IDEA, NSCA, Perform Better, Medical Fitness Association, Asia Fit, FILEX, and the British Chiropractic Association. He specializes in bringing advanced training and rehabilitation strategies to the fitness and bodywork professional that works with the pre and post-rehabilitation and general population client.

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • What is vital for all fit pro’s to know about the hip
  • Common dysfunctions of the hip
  • The 2 most common causes of low back pain (you might be surprised)
  • Why you shouldn’t do hip thrusters or deadlifts with certain clients
  • The best exercises all clients should be doing
  • How to prevent anterior shearing in the hip socket (acetabulum)
  • The 2 essential tests you should carry out on all new clients


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Corrective Exercise Video Resource

Corrective Exercise Solutions book



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