Deadlifting with Dellanave


Do you know anyone so passionate about deadlifting that they accept an offer to do an interview the day before their wedding? Well let me introduce you to David Dellanave……and yes that’s exactly what he did!

David just released his new ebook called Off the Floor, and it’s a manifesto of everything deadlifting! And as you can see he’s no slouch when it comes to the lift, as he holds the World Record for the Jefferson Deadlift in the 202lb class.

In our interview we talked about everything from what’s the easiest deadlift variation to teach, back pain and deadlifting, how to gauge people’s readiness to train, along with what’s David’s favourite non deadlifting exercise and most importantly… to keep your wife and mistress (the deadlift) happy at the same time!

Just click the link below to listen to this great interview from an amazing trainer. And David is pretty good too!