The Fit Pro Podcast with Fraser Quelch

The Fit Pro Podcast (10)

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This week’s guest is Fraser Quelch. Fraser is the Head of Training and Development for TRX and is the lead educator of the TRX Suspension Training Program. Recognized as the 2012 Can Fit Pro Specialty Presenter of the Year, 2012 ECA Industry Impact Award, 2011 IDEA Program Director of the Year and 2011 ECA Innovative Program Award Fraser travels the world teaching thousands of fit pro’s every year.

To Find Out More About Fraser:

Fraser on Facebook

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Why most new members fail in the gym
  • The need for an induction process
  • Why trainers should be paying more attention to group exercise instructors
  • The SCARF model
  • How to better utilize the TRX in your training
  • Core training and what you’re missing
  • The 1 TRX and RIP Trainer exercise you need to start doing


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:


TRX Core Program



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