Handicapping FILEX 2014


Every year the line up at FILEX gets exponentially better and I know from talking to some of the other presenters that FILEX now rivals any other fitness convention worldwide. And I feel safe in agreeing with this after speaking and attending some of the biggest fitness conventions in the world like IDEA World, CanFitPro, and the Perform Better Summits.

With so many amazing workshops and presenters it’s hard to figure out who to go see in each time slot. So I’m going to give you a breakdown of who I’m going to see, as well as some of the other best options in each time slot. Now this is just my opinion, so I would love to hear who you’re going to see too! (sidenote: I got this idea from Michael Boyle who handicaps the Perform Better Summit each year)

Friday Sessions

Friday Session-1The first time slot of the day (10:30-12pm) is an absolute powerhouse of names with Todd Durkin, Len Kravitz, Evan Osar, Michol Dalcourt and Rodney Corn but for me I’ve gotta start FILEX off right and go with my main man TD in his IMPACT Challenge. I’ve helped Todd with this one at IDEA World last year and it’s awesome! If you’re looking to get your nerd on I’d go with either Evan Osar’s Earn the Right to Run or the ever geeky Dr Len Kravitz’s Stress, Cortisol and Obesity lecture.

Friday Session-2The 1:30-3pm slot could be even harder to pick with Durkin, Osar, Chuck Wolf, Frank Nash, Paul Taylor, Cassidy Phillips and Fraser Quelch all having a session on offer. Paul Taylor is one of the best presenters you’ll ever hear and his Silent Killer lecture will be stellar as always I’m sure! Frank Nash is a social media genius and since I helped convince Frank to come over and speak this is obviously the choice if you want to learn social media. Chuck, Evan and Cassidy’s talk all attract the inner geek and Fraser’s will no doubt be a great hands on session, but I’m going with Todd again. His talk The Road to World Class will no doubt be a game changer. If you know anything about TD you’ll know what he’s created, so that’s where I’ll be.

Friday Session-3At 3pm it will be a toss up between Rodney Corn and Michol Dalcourt. These two are both super smart but since I’m lucky to call Michol a good friend I think I’m going to head over to see Rodney. I met Rodney last year at IDEA World as I was speaking straight after him and caught the end of his talk. Plus anyone who gives their session name a gangsta twist like Change the Game, Not the Player, has got to be good.

Friday Session-4Rolling into the last session of the day, I’ll be heading to see Chuck Wolf’s Shouldering the Load from the Ground Up. But if you haven’t got your workout for the day in you might want to go see Amy Dixon (Kettlebell Body Blast) and my fellow Canadian Fraser Quelch (TRX Advanced Core Training). You could also attend Mark Buckley’s talk on the Sacroilliac Joint if you’re brain has any room left.


saturday Session-1As if Friday wasn’t hard enough to pick, Saturday only gets harder!

It’s always great to get moving first off, unless you’d been a bit too social the night before so I’ll be in The Complete Boot Camp Package session run by Todd Durkin. But if you’re feeling a little less energetic you might want to check out either Evan Osar (The No Stretch Solution to Chronic Tightness), Michol Dalcourt (The Foot and Ankle) or Len Kravitz (The physiology of Fat Loss). But if you choose one of these better make sure you’re awake and ready to pay attention.

saturday Session-2Next up we’ve got Aussie Anthony Spark speaking on how to package your PT products, which I know will be great. You’ve also got a great hands on with Dan McDonogh about bodyweight training and Chuck Wolf speaking on Low Back Considerations. All great choices so I’m not sure and I think it will be a last minute decision between Rodney Corn & Cassidy Phillips talking about Stress Mindset and Soft Tissue Preparation and Ian O’Dwyer’s Isolation vs Integration.

saturday Session-3After lunch you’ve got two great functional fitness talks by Rodney Corn and Chuck Wolf, two great science/research talks with Len Kravitz and Mark McKean or two amazing business talks by Justin Tamsett and Michael Port. I’ll probably be sitting in Rodney’s talk on When eMotion meets motion as I think understanding the emotional side of our clients is one of the future trends of the fitness industry.

saturday Session-4Then as 3pm rolls around I’ll have my first session on training the glutes so of course I’d say that one is a good one! If I weren’t speaking I would probably go watch my buddy Frank Nash speaking on how to systemise your small group training, or another friend, Michael Cunico, and his interesting talk on the 7 habits of highly effective PT’s. There’s also a great hands on session if you work with MMA athletes with Tarek Chouja or you can get your geek on with Michol (Function and Footwear) Tony Boutagy (A Practical Approach to Hypertrophy) or Evan Osar (Strategies for Improving Hip Function).

saturday Session-5I’ll be ending my Saturday the same way I started it, with Todd Durkin! Train the Joes Like the Pro’s is a high energy hands on session perfect before a night of heavy “socializing”. If you’re body is too tired but you brain is still working, check out Len Kravitz Metabolic Conditioning or Wolf’s Training Movements, not Muscles.


Now we come up to the hardest session for attendees to make, Sunday 8am, and it looks like the FILEX crew have added some extra incentive to get up because this time slot is stacked! You’ve got Rodney Corn, Tony Boutagy, Justin Price, Dan McDonogh, Cassidy Phillips and Michol Dalcourt. I’ll probably be sitting in Dan’s talk on avoiding burnout as this topic appeals to me most, but any of these guys would be a great choice for Sunday morning!

Now you’ve had time to recover and grab a bit to eat, you’ve again got a lot of choices at 1pm. Between Fraser, Michol, Wolf, McKean and O’Dwyer it is impossible to make a bad choice here. I’m going with Chuck Wolf’s talk on regressions as this is a topic I think more trainers need to learn about at a deeper level.

And to finish off the conference I will be doing my Bodyweight Bootcamp session and I’ve even got some equipment shipped in from the US just for this session. But I will miss hearing Paul Taylor who has a lecture on at the same time. So if I don’t see you hopefully you’re listening to Paul because I know it will be awesome!

So there you have it, my run down of FILEX 2014. There are a ton of great talks and presenters and you’re in for a great weekend! Make the most of the weekend by talking with and exchanging idea’s with your fellow fit pro’s, because that’s the most valuable thing you’ll get out of the entire weekend. Hopefully my rundown helps you out, but I would love to hear who you’re going to see because like I said at the start, this is only my opinion.

See you in Melbourne!