Handicapping IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute 2015

After presenting at the IDEA PT Institute East event a few weeks ago, I can tell you that I’m pretty excited about coming back and speaking at the West event next month. It was such a great event with so many passionate fit pros there, I know that the West event will be the same.

I’m also looking forward to my first ever trip to Seattle! It’s been a place I’ve been wanting to visit for quite some time, so excited to finally get there and got check out the famous Fish Market.

So just like I did for the East event, I’ll share which sessions I would be going to if I were you. The best thing about this list is that I’ve already seen some of these presentations, so I can actually tell you first hand.

But remember, I’ve never been a group exercise guy so my recommendations may slightly sway towards more of the training and business sessions.

Friday 8:45-11:35am

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

If you want to start your day off moving you’ve got 2 options; Dan McDonogh (TRX: Advanced Suspension Training) or Martin Rooney (Training for Warriors-What Is It?). Both Dan and Martin are amazing presenters and will leave you fired up for the rest of the day. If you train any baby boomers, you’re going to want to check out Cody Sipe’s Functional Circuits for Aging Clients. Cody is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry when it comes to this demographic and always has great info to share. But if your inner “trainer geek” wants to come out, you’ve got to go see Chuck Wolf’s Maximize the Big Movement Rocks presentation. I sat through part of this at the East event and as always Chuck uncovers some great strategies that you can start to use with your clients.


Friday 11:50-1:05pm

There are a couple of training sessions at this time slot, but I would take this time to grab lunch and go into one of the sessions starting at 12:30pm.


Friday 12:30-1:45pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

If you’ve never had the chance to check out Marc Lebert, then you’ve gotta attend his LTS: The NEW Cool Tools and Programming for Boot Camps and Group Training session. Not only is Marc a great presenter, but he was also born in the same town as me (which I only just found out at the East event). But if you’re looking at fine-tuning your business skills, go see Trina Gray’s 1-2 Punch! LIVE and ONLINE Training session. Trina is a superstar business woman who has a TON to share, so get to this session and your business will thank you!

Friday 2:00-3:50pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

This is the first time slot of the convention that is too hard to pick. You’ve got Peter Twist (Sport Conditioning Goes Group Take 2), Brett Klika (Small Group Training-What’s Next?), Michol Dalcourt (Recovery Based Strategies in Program Design) and Douglas Brooks, Amy Dixon & Casey Stutzman (Out of Bounds-Ultimate Functional Training). I was able to sit in both Michol’s session and Brett’s session so I know these are both great. And I’ve never been in a session of Peter’s that wasn’t great. So basically, no matter which one you pick, you’re a winner.


Friday 4:05-5:55pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

This is the easiest pick on the day for where I’ll be, as it’s my first session of the convention (Gluteus to the Max-Ultimate Glute Training). This was a sold out session at East, so hopefully I’ll have a full house for this one. But you’ve also got some other great sessions to pick from here. Dan McDonogh, Amy Dixon, Cody Sipe and Chuck Wolf all have sessions in this time slot that I know will be great, but if I weren’t speaking I’d be checking out Mike Robertson’s R7 Approach to Program Design session.


Saturday 8:45am-11:35amIDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

Saturday starts off with some great presentations from some top notch presenters. If you’re looking at getting a bit more business knowledge be sure to check out Amanda Vogel’s Fitness Writing session or Shannon Fable’s Strategic Self-Promotion session. If you’d rather get active, you can’t go wrong with either Michol’s Reconditioning Dysfunctional Movement session or Peter Twist’s session on plyometric training, which I sat through at PTI East. If you work with pre or post natal clients, then you need to go see Krista Popowych in this time slot.


Saturday 11:50-1:05pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

No matter which session you pick here you’re a winner, but if you want some great quick training circuits you’ll love Brett Klika’s 5 minute body weight super circuits session. If you want a bit more business go see Sherri McMillan’s Sell to Survive and Thrive.


Saturday 12:30-1:45pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

If you just finished lunch and want to get moving you’ve got two options. Either experience Martin Rooney’s Hurricane Training or join Peter Twist to Blast Your Abs, Glutes and Core.


Saturday 2:00-4:50pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

I’ll be presenting my Training Baby Boomer’s session here, but there are a number of other great presenters in this time slot. If you work within the youth fitness world you MUST go see Re-Shaping Youth Fitness with Craig Valency and Brett Klika.   Bobby Cappuccio always has great presentations, so if you’re looking at boosting income, this may be the session for you. If not Marc Coronel is always an energetic and entertaining presenter and it may be of use to do some myofascial work after a couple hectic days! But if you want to geek out a bit, check out either Lenny Parracino’s Assessment and Programming for the Spine Complex or Dr Len Kravitz’s 10 Pillars to Burn Calories and Boost Fat Metabolism.


Saturday 5:05pm-6:35pm

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

This is a no brainer for me, as I’ll be sitting down to listen to Martin Rooney’s Connect and Engage with Your Small Group Clients session. Another great session looks to be from Fabio Comana on Prep and Recovery-New Ideas in Programming Success. But if you want a more active session, Amy Dixon always has great workouts.


Sunday 8:00-9:50am

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

Even though I’m sure you were out “networking” until late, it’s definitely worth getting up early grabbing a coffee and sitting in on one of two sessions to start the day. Sue Hitzmann’s What You Don’t Know About Fascia is Hurting Your Clients goes into some deep science on fascia and will definitely open your eyes. But you may want to skip hers and learn more about Heart Rate Variability with Dr Len Kravitz and Trisha VanDusseldorp, especially if you don’t really know much about this powerful tool.


Sunday 10:05-11:55am

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West 2015

I guess I’ll get to end the PTI West convention with a bang since that’s when I’ve got my last session, The New Evolution of Core Training. This proves the old saying, save the best for last is true…haha. But if you decide to not attend my session (don’t worry, we’ll still be friends), you’ve got some other great options, especially if you want to look deeper into dysfunction or injury prevention. If I wasn’t presenting I’d probably be sitting in on Lenny Parracino or Sue Hitzmann’s session here.

Well there you have it, my run down of the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute West convention. And if you’re going to be there, make sure to come up and introduce yourself to me! I always love meeting other passionate fit pros.

I’d love to here in the comments section below which sessions you’re most looking forward to attending!

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