Handicapping IDEA PT Institute East 2015

IDEA Fitness Convention

If you’re headed to IDEA PT Institute East in Alexandria in a few weeks I’m sure that you’ve already got your schedule all picked out. But I know when I first started going to conventions in my early days; I always made a few last minute changes!
And hopefully you’re as excited as I am to be going. This is my first year at the PT Institute event, and from what I’ve been told, it’s an amazing event. Now, with 4 of my own sessions to teach, I’m a bit limited with what sessions I can go to, but I’m going to handicap the whole event and give you my top picks.

*** Disclaimer: I’m a trainer geek, so you my recommendations will be leaning towards those sessions over the group exercise type session. This is just my opinion, but I would love to hear which one’s you’re most excited to attend ***

Wednesday 8:45am-11:35amIDEA Fitness Convention

Straight away your faced with an all-star line up of options! You’ve got great presenters like Fraser Quelch, Martin Rooney, Peter Twist, Cody Sipe, Sherri McMillan, Marc Coronel, Christopher Mohr, all of which are good friends so I know that they can bring it. But you’ve also got Greg Roskopf and Len Kravitz who are 2 extraordinarily smart guys! You really can’t go wrong with this time slot, but I’ll be going with Martin Rooney if I’m still feeling a bit of jetlag (Martin you better bring it) or Greg Roskopf because I missed his presentation at IDEA World last year. But seriously, whatever one you pick here, you’ve got a winner.

Wednesday 11:50-1:05pm
IDEA Fitness Convention

There is no doubt that I’ll be in session 123: Building Social Media Muscle, where I’ll be sharing some of my favourite strategies that I’ve used with clients like Michol Dalcourt and Todd Durkin. Since I can’t really miss my own session, it’s a pretty easy decision. But if I wasn’t speaking, I would probably go check out Sergeant Ken in his SandBell Master Boot Camp.


Wednesday 12:30pm-1:45pm

IDEA Fitness Convention

If you want to get a workout in, join Fraser at the TRX: Partner Fusion Workout. You’ll probably see me over in Michol Dalcourt’s How to Develop Agile Strength session, but Marc Lebert’s LTS: The NEW Cool Tools and Programming of Boot Camps and Group Training session intrigues me. So I guess if I’m not with Michol, you’ll see me with Marc!

Wednesday 2-3:50pm

IDEA Fitness Convention
This time slots looks like a prime spot for me to “get my geek on”. With Doug Gray, Len Kravitz, Christopher Mohr and Rodney Corn & Greg Roskopf all having sessions on, it’s a tough call. Since I’ll be spending the following weekend hanging out with Christopher, I know I can pick his mind about his talk then. And although Len is always great I think it’s going to be a toss up between Doug Gray and Rodney Corn & Gret Roskopf’s sessions.

For those who don’t want to get their geek on like me, go check out either Douglas Brooks, Amy Dixon & Casey Stutzman in their Out of Bounds: Ultimate Functional Training session or Mindy Mylrea & Jonathan Ross in The A to Z of HIIT.

Wednesday 4:05-5:55pm

IDEA Fitness Convention
John Berardi always has great nutrition advise to share, so if you’re booked into that one, you’re in for a treat. You’ve got 3 great active workshops with Fraser Quelch (TRX: Advanced RIP Training), Peter Twist (Sport Conditioning Goes Group, Take 2) and Michol Dalcourt (Recovery Based Strategies in Program Design), but I think I’m going to sit in on Cody Sipe’s session on Capturing the 55+ Market since we train a lot of boomers within my business.

Thursday 8:45am-11:35am

IDEA Fitness Convention

This time slot is another no brainer for where I’ll be, since I’ve got my second session; Training the Baby Boomer. But if I wasn’t presenting I’d either check out Chuck Wolf, who is a great presenter with tons of knowledge to share, or Bobby Cappuccio in his Seven Myths that Limit Your Income.

Thursday 11:50-1:05pm

IDEA Fitness Convention I’m torn in this time slot between my man Brett Klika in his 5 Minute Body Weight Super-Circuits, and super fitness entrepreneur Trina Gray with her The 1-2 Punch! LIVE and ONLINE Training. I guess I’m just going to have to see how that jetlag is coming, because if I know one thing, it’s Brett won’t let me just sit his session out on the sideline. So if I show up to his, I better be ready to work!

Thursday 12:30-1:45pm

IDEA Fitness Convention

Now you may have decided to grab lunch and wait for this time block. And if you did, let me suggest you go see Martin Rooney. If you’ve never seen Martin before you’re in for a huge treat because Martin gives 110% in every presentation he makes. And his Hurricane Training system is no joke! If not, you can’t go wrong with the living legend, Peter Twist or a bit of Trigger Point work with Marc Coronel.

Thursday 2:00-4:50pm

IDEA Fitness Convention This session is another one filled with all stars! If you want to move, Fraser’s got you covered with TRX: Multimodality High Intensiy Circuits, along with Jonathan Ross and his Obesity Makeover. If you train kids, you need to go see Brett Klika & Craig Valency and their session Re-Shaping Youth Fitness, as these 2 are pioneering youth fitness. If you’d rather get a bit geeky, you’ve got 3 great choices with Chuck Wolf (Maximize the Big Rocks), Michol Dalcourt (Reconditioning Dysfunctional Movement) or Rodney Corn (Five Strategies for Customizing Exercise Programs). You’ve also go 2 of the best female presenters around in this time slot with Trina Gray (with Kari Woodall with Hot Training Programs for Outdoor Enthusiasts) and Sherri McMiian (Mobility and Muscle Release for Runners and Athletes). But I think I’m going to check out Brian Richey and his Scapular Stability session. As you can see, you’ve got more than enough choices in this time slot!

Thursday 5:05-6:35pm

IDEA Fitness Convention
Hmmm…..I think I’ll go to The New Evolution of Core Training with Scott Rawcliffe in this time slot. But if you’re a group exercise person you might want to check out Amy Dixon with BOSU: HIIT Metabolic Challenge. And if I wasn’t speaking in this time slot, there is no doubt I would be at Martin Rooney’s Connect and Engage with Your Small Group Clients.

Friday 8-9:50am

IDEA Fitness Convention

This couldn’t have been planned any better…..Friday and my Gluteus to the Max-Ultimate Glute Training session is on! C’mon, who doesn’t want their glutes looking good for the weekend.   But if you don’t want to learn the secrets to having buns of steel, then you might want to check out Sue Hitzmann with her Simple Solutions for Shoulder and Pelvic Instability and Pain session. Sue is a great presenter and knows her stuff!

Friday 10:05-11:55am

IDEA Fitness Convention If my body is still functioning, I’ve got some great choices in this time slot. With so many great presenters you can’t go wrong with any of these! If you’re going to geek out; you’ll want to finish the convention with either Michol Dalcourt (Joint Integrity and Injury Prevention), Sue Hitzmann (What You Don’t Know About Fascia Is Hurting Your Clients) or Chuck Wolf (Golf Mechanics and Functional Correctives). But if you want to get active go check out Brett Klika’s Small Group Training-What’s Next? session. Since I’ve not had a chance to see Casey Stutzman, I think I may check out his session.

If you’re coming to Alexandria for PT Institute, make sure to come and find me and introduce yourself!  I always look forward the chance to meet so many other passionate fit pros!  And if even if you’re not, I’ve got a little something special for you below!

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