3 Tips to Dominate Social Media

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A couple of weeks ago I was over in San Francisco presenting to a passionate group of fit pros at the NorCal Fitness Summit and one of my talks was on how to better use social media in your fitness business. There were quite a few people who came up to be at the lunch break and told me how much they got out of the talk so I thought I’d share 3 of my top tips from it.


Tip #1

Think of social media as your own publishing firm. When you have a consistent message to share, social media is an amazing way to get it out to thousands of people. But make sure that you keep that consistent message so that your fans will become advocates of what and who you are.

Tip #2

Quit getting upset no one see’s your Facebook posts. There are a number of reasons why most Facebook pages are getting less reach, and it’s not as cut and dry as Facebook wants you to “pay to play”.   Part of this may have to do with you and the content you’re sharing. If your posts are getting Likes, Comments or Shares, that shows me that your fans don’t really care about what you’re putting out and it’s time to improve your content.



With so many pages, if your posts aren’t capturing your fans your organic reach is going to continue to plummet. So take this as “constructive criticism” and ask your fans what do they want to see.

Tip #3

Just start with 2. Instead of trying to posts on every single social media platform, pick 2 where your potential clients are and work on those. With the amazing power of Facebook and their advertising abilities I would highly recommend that is one of them. If you’ve got a younger audience, Instagram is the way to go. If you’re looking at getting more middle aged people or corporates Twitter would be a better fit. The majority of users on Pinterest are women, so if your ideal client is females then you may want to focus your attention there.

Once you start to understand your 2 platforms and grow your following then you can start to look at adding a third or fourth platform.   I’m not saying you can’t have all these platforms, but put the majority of your effort into just 2 to start.








Now go Dominate Social Media!


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