How to Use Facebook in Your Fitness Business


We’ve all heard about how Facebook will get us tons of clients and make us all lots of money. And I don’t disagree that Facebook is a great way to generate leads (if you know what you’re doing). But there are ALOT of fitness pages that are missing the point and have no structure. I get it. There’s so much information out there and you’re not sure what to do.

Quite frankly, there are too many people (for my liking) out there spouting off that they are Facebook experts, but then when I hear what they have to say it quickly becomes apparent that they really are leading people astray. And because it pains me to see my colleagues get scammed into using a service that actually doesn’t help, shoot me an email if you’re not sure. I’ve had so many people help me over the years, it’s the least I can do to give back.

So in an attempt to give some solid guidance on how to get your Facebook page to start performing better and actually make it work for your business I’ve put together this straight, to the point blog post. I’ve even got an infographic so you can download it and put it on your desktop to refer to.

1. Make a Plan for Your Posts

calendarIf you don’t have a plan of what type of content you are going to post each day, then chances are you’re just throwing out random bits of information that your fans will not connect with. Use daily topics like Motivational Monday, Trainer Tip Tuesdays, Foodie Friday to help engage your fans more and have them looking forward to your content.

2. Be Social and Stop Selling

socialThis is probably the biggest mistake that I see on most fitness Facebook pages. Stop only posting about what classes and specials you have. Make your status updates relevant and helpful to your fans and start earning the chance to sell! We all know that people need to know, like and trust you before they buy from you. And if you don’t believe me then let me ask you what you think of pages popping up on your newsfeed who are always selling… don’t like it so quit doing this to your fans.

3. Get More Engagement

engagementIf you’re not getting likes, comments or people sharing your content then I’m pretty sure that most of your fans aren’t seeing your posts. Here’s two tips for increasing engagement; Ask for it (Click LIKE if you agree) and use questions as posts. Current stats show that only 12.6% of your fans ever see your posts, but the more engagement you get the higher this number will increase.

4. Use a Variety of Post Types

varietyPhotos on average, generate 2X more engagement than other post types, but don’t rely only on pictures. You should also link to useful articles or blog posts, as well as just plain old text to keep things fresh. But don’t ignore what works best. If you get a lot more Likes when you share useful articles then go find more articles to share.

5. Add Your Own Flair

Rick-FlairYour Facebook page gives you a chance to show your fans (and prospective clients) who you really are, so let this come through with what you post. If you are known to have a sense of humour, post funny pictures or jokes. Maybe you are great in the kitchen, so you would post your recipes or pictures of your meals. I think you get the point, but the worst thing you can do is to seem corporate and not human.

Hope you found this helpful and epic. And how can a post not be epic when it ends with a picture of Rick Flair?!