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If you’ve been getting frustrated with the performance of your Facebook posts then you’re going to love what I’ve got to share because I’m going to give you 2 quick tweaks to improve your Facebook posts.

As more and more businesses start using Facebook to market and spread their message, it’s easy for your posts to get lost in the shuffle. Facebook is always tweaking their algorithm, but that’s because they are trying to maintain a good user experience. Which for all of us how have a fitness business, this is a good thing, because that means that our potential clients will continue to use Facebook.

At any given time there are at least 1,500 possible stories a person could potentially see in their Newsfeed, and Facebook is trying to figure out the 300 most relevant ones for the specific user. So….the more often someone clicks on your post (Like, Comment, Share, Click on a picture or link) the more relevant Facebook thinks your page is to that person.

And the more relevant your page will help increase the chances that your posts will be one of those 300 that shows up to your fans. Which is what everyone wants!

But how what can you do to make your posts more clickable? There are 2 quick tweaks that you can start making to your posts to help increase their “clickability”.

The first thing you should start to think about is giving your posts headlines. And this doesn’t go from just your posts that share a link; it’s for all posts. This will help grab your fans attention as they are quickly scrolling down their newsfeed; as well as give them an idea about what your post is about.


Let’s face it, we live in a world with a very short attention span, so trying to get people’s attention can be difficult. So stop and think a few seconds on what will really grab your fans attention, and then make sure to leave a line between the headline and the rest of your post. This will also help it stand out that little bit more.

You could even put some special characters around it, like some asterisks or parentheses around the words.


The second thing that you can start doing to get more engagement from your fans is to start including a “call to action” on your posts. You’ll be surprised at how many more likes/comments/shares your posts will get with this simply tweak.

Simple things like asking a question:


Ask a question…


Or in the right context you can even ask them to share a post….


But please do not be the person that writes “LIKE if you agree” or “Who else LIKES this ?” because that’s just going to annoy your fans and make you sound needy.


So by just getting a little more strategic with your posts by thinking of adding a headline to them and some sort of call to action you’ll be amazed at how much your reach improves in no time.

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