Lessons from Eric Thomas in Australia


If you haven’t heard of Eric Thomas, or otherwise known as ET the Hip Hop Preacher you need to click on the video below. If ET can’t inspire you and put a fire deep down inside of you to succeed then I’m not sure anyone can.

Over this long weekend here in Australia, I was lucky enough to hear ET speak twice, and while I had a number of people ask why would I ruin a long weekend with such great weather sitting inside. Well I can tell you this, there was no where I’d rather have been. To see ET on video is one thing, but to actually see him in person is a completely different thing (side note: Thanks to my buddy RJ down in New Orleans for giving me the heads up Eric was coming).

There are so many people out there that want to succeed, that want a better life, but why are there so few people that ever really reach their potential? I want to share with you my top take aways from ET.

Your Why better be greater than a Punch in the Face

Life isn’t easy. No matter how much success you get life is always going to come up and punch you in the face. It’s a certainty that you can’t control. But what you can control is what you do after life punches you in the face. ET talked about how Buster Douglas defeated Mike Tyson. Up until that point no one had ever got back up after being knocked down by Mike Tyson. But Buster’s why was bigger than that. Buster’s mom had been bragging about how her boy was going to beat Mike Tyson, but only a couple days before the fight Buster’s mom passed away. Now Buster could have let that dream die with his mom, or he could chose to not let that punch in the face stop him. So he got back up, stumbling all over the ring and went on to beat Tyson. And what make this story even more powerful is look what happened to Buster after this fight. Absolutely nothing, he lost his next fight, and I have a feeling it was because his why wasn’t big enough.

Your why needs to be so big that no matter what life throws at it, you’re just going to push through it. And if it isn’t, you might want to spend some time thinking about you why. Maybe it’s not big enough. Maybe it’s not what you really want to do. But spend some time to figure out what you’re willing to fight for to succeed day in, day out.

Where the Guru’s Have Failed Us

ET talked about how important writing our goals on paper is, and you’re going to hear every guru out there talk about this. And writing your goals down is vital to your success, but as he said, most people are are forgetting the one key thing to supercharge your goals. We need to write out the “why” beside each one of our goals. This way when you look back over them you see what you’re working towards, what’s at stake if you’re not moving towards your goals.

Now this next point took a bit of explaining. And it’s funny because in true ET style he said I’m going to repeat that because I think some of y’all missed that one. Was he ever right!

If you keep doing the same things over and over again, you’ll keep getting the same results. Now we’ve all heard this but have we really listened to what this quote is trying to say? I know I hadn’t, even though I thought I had. Now it makes sense that if we aren’t being successful and we keep doing the same things over and over again we aren’t going to get a different result. But that goes the same for when things are going well for us. If we want more success, we want to achieve greater things then we can’t keep doing the same things if we want more out of life. You see, I’d always thought of it from only the perspective of someone not achieving results, but what you’ve got to realise is that in 12 months from now you better be doing things differently if you want to keep improving.

Be Obsessed with Improvement

To many people don’t take the necessary actions to chase their dreams because they are afraid of making mistakes. But every action that you take is a chance to improve. Instead of being obsessed with not making mistakes or getting it just right, become obsessed with improving every day. If you continue to get just a little bit better you will see massive improvements in your growth as a person, in your business, within your clients. Notice the words that ET used. There were a number of words he could have chosen, but he chose obsessed. And he emphasised being obsessed with improvement, not invested, not focused, not trying but obsessed. Imagine if you become absolutely obsessed at how you could improve every day? And that was his final message he ended on.