Join Me In Los Angles On July 20th, Where I’ll Help You Create An Entire Facebook Marketing System You Can Put On Autopilot, So You Never Again Have to Worry About How You’ll Get New Clients!

In Just 8 Hours, You'll Walk Away With a Highly Converting Facebook Client Attraction System That Will Fill Your Business with New Clients, So You Can Help More People, Make More Money and Enjoy More Time Off"

Dear Fellow Fit Pro,

Would you like to know how you can start generating more clients from Facebook, so you can grow your business, stop working from dawn till dusk, and know you have a proven system to get you clients on demand…

... Yet, despite your best intentions, you just can’t seem to find either the time or resources to do this?

Does it seem like, no matter HOW many books you read, or blogs you follow, or YouTube videos on the latest “ninja Facebook tactics”, you still can’t seem to figure out where to start or what to do when it comes to effective Facebook marketing, and just feel like giving up?

Or maybe you’re actually getting clients from Facebook, but you’ve got no system in place and get frustrated when it costs you more money or time than it should.

Frankly, I’m not surprised!  The truth is, Facebook is the cheapest, most effective marketing tool today, but learning how to set up an effective Facebook marketing plan is darn near impossible to do on your own.

There’s just so MUCH you need to understand.  Believe me, I know! Not that long ago, I was in the same situation you are today: posting multiple times a day, asking for engagement, doing all the “right things” but still wasn’t getting any new clients from Facebook, while it seemed like every other fitness business was. I felt like I was stuck at square one...

The Moment That Changed My Business FOREVER

But one day, just when I was about to throw in the towel, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a man who was one of the most successful Facebook marketers in the world and was working with some of the biggest businesses around like Nike, Infusionsoft, and even the Golden State Warriors for all you basketball fans. And my life changed forever...

He became my mentor, and showed me, along with a small group of people, everything he knew (walking us through it all, step by step) and that’s when my business started to dramatically change. Within just a couple of months I had successfully learned how to easily attract new clients and I was doing so well at it, other top fit pros who I was friends with started calling me about Facebook. And that’s when I realized I wanted to pass on my knowledge to other passionate fit pros. There’s nothing about what I did that you can’t do….

So on July 20th in Los Angles, I’m going to bring 10 fitness professionals together for my Facebook Client Generating Bootcamp, where we’ll take you through a step by step process, to help you create your own Facebook marketing system you can start running to get new clients by the time you leave the room. I’ll take you through everything you need to create, provide you with the most up-to-date “what’s working now” techniques, so that you can go home and press play and double, triple, even multiply your business ten times or more. And I’m not leaving until YOU have it all figured it out!

And I’d like to invite YOU to join me.

Need Proof I Can Show You How Simple It Is To Generate Dozens of New Clients From Facebook?

Julien Hattem

"With my first ad implementing what Scott taught me, I was able to generate 62 new leads in only 5 days. I had to stop them as I wasn't able to keep up with all the new leads! Out of the 62 I was able to convert 42 of them into paying clients ($65/week) and I only spent a total of $247. In the first week alone I made $2730, which is over 10 times back what I had spent! Scott's training has been a game changer for my business after only one ad!"

Julien Hattem, Re-Charge Fitness
Brett Klikka

If you're looking to get more clients, more followers or sell more products through the power of Facebook you've gotta see Scott Rawcliffe.  I was getting ready for a big upcoming launch so I reached out to Scott and after talking to him, I realised that I knew nothing on how to effectively market on Facebook.  I had basically been posting, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. Scott showed me how to get more likes, better engagement with my fans and in the course of 5 days I was able to acquire 1500 new customers.  That was just using some simple strategies, and best of all they were low cost so it didn't break my budget.  Take this opportunity to work hands on with Scott to grow your business, get more clients, ger your message in front of more people and impact more lives.

Brett Klikka, 2013 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year & CEO of SpiderFit Kids
Jill Stoppel-Davis

"I knew I was missing something with my Facebook efforts, but I had no idea what and why it didn't work for me until using Scott Rawcliffe's system. Since working with Scott and following the steps he's laid out for my business, I've seen dramatic results with minimal effort and dollars. My latest Facebook ad targeted my audience and netted me 6 new paying clients ($2700 total) after just 2 short days. My only complaint is that I didn't know about all of this sooner!"

Jill Stoppel-Davis, Excel Wellness Studio and Excel Wellness Continuing Education Owner

Here's a screenshot of the results from Steve's first campaign the week after attending the last workshop I held in late April!


I’ve even helped some of the most well know fitness professionals in the world.

Michol Dalcourt

“Up until this december, I thought that Social Media could have little effect on making an impact and improving our business. With all of the ‘noise’ of Social Media, being heard was, to me, difficult to achieve and resource prohibitive for our company.

This was until I spoke with Scott.

Scott spoke with our team about small and easy changes we could do with our Facebook account. Knowing the game the way Scott does, proves invaluable for us. Within 2 weeks, we doubled the attendance at one of our live events, skyrocketed the amount of fans that we have, and now we routinely get our posts in front of at least 50% of our base. We have even had posts reach 5 times our fan base without spending a cent.

Scott is an ally for our team. He now consults with our company on all aspects of Social Media. His knowledge, analysis, and accessibility make him an asset. If you don’t use Scott, you are not maximizing the potential of your business. Let him show you the way, you won’t look back!”

Michol Dalcourt International Fitness Educator, Fouder of the Institute of Motion, Inventor of ViPR
Todd Durkin

“I believe Facebook will play a much larger and more important role in our overall marketing strategies in the future. Scott has helped me and my staff develop some very successful Facebook marketing strategies with numerous projects the past 2 years, along with many top fitness professionals and brands. Scott is the man I turn to with all my Facebook questions.”

Todd Durkin International Presenter, Head Trainer for Under Armour & Trainer to Athletes in the NFL, NBA & MLB
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So as you can see, I’m no fluke or flash in the pan. I know how to help you succeed with creating a Facebook marketing plan that gets results and I have a solid track record to prove this too!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn When
You Join Me In Los Angles On July 20th

During the day we spend together in Los Angles at my Facebook Client Generating Bootcamp, I’ll be walking you through the entire process you need to follow, step by step, so that you leave with your own Facebook marketing plan ready to use the very next day.

I’ll be starting at step one, where I'll teach exactly how to find your ideal client on Facebook, and going straight through to having a complete system to get that ideal client walking through your doors as a new client.  You’ll leave with your very own Facebook Cash Machine.

And nobody will be left behind! We’ll make sure that each and every one of you understands EXACTLY what you need to do to generate new leads using Facebook, and how to turn those leads into clients before the day is done.

Here’s some of what we will cover:

  • The 3 step Facebook Marketing Formula (T+OI+FU=Profits)

  • How to find and target your ideal client on Facebook

  • The 3 keys to creating compelling Facebook ads that capture your ideal clients attention every time

  • How to attract new clients for a fraction of what your competitors pay

  • The secret to creating Facebook ads 10x faster

  • The Boomerang Traffic Method for retargeting prospects who’ve visited your website

  • How to create ads that converts in half the time

  • Learn the only 2 follow up methods you should ever use

...And so much more!

And To Be Absolutely Certain Everyone Gets The Help, Attention, And Information They Need To Start Running Successful Facebook Marketing Campaigns

...You’ll Get 1 Month of Unlimited Email Access To Me!

That’s right! When you come to the Facebook Client Generating Bootcamp on July 20th in Los Angles, not only will I be there, walking you, step-by-step, through my entire process for creating your own Facebook Client Generating Funnel that you can start using Tuesday morning…

... I’ll also give you my personal email so you can follow up with me with any questions or issues that come up after the event!

The reason I'm doing this is that I’m a fit pro just like you, who runs his own business and I know how challenging marketing can be. I want to help prevent you from wasting money you don’t have, limit your Facebook frustrations, prevent you from wasting unnecessary time with disapproved ads, and stop you from making the same mistakes 95% of fitness business owners are making today. So that you have more time to do the things you love doing.

You will even have me as you Ad Account Admin for your Facebook page for the full 30 days as well, so I can monitor your backend stats, help you tweak your ads, and offer any suggestions on where you can improve on them. With me looking over every detail of your ads for an entire month, you can’t lose! This service alone costs consulting clients up to $1000 per month...just to have me make sure their ads are perfect.

Like I said, I know how challenging this can be and I want to see more passionate fitness businesses succeed.


But why for 30 days?

…Because I want you taking action straight away!


There’s no sense in getting all of this set up if you’re just going to let it sit there unused. How many times have you been to a conference or workshop, left excited to make changes, then a month goes by and you’ve done nothing. We’ve all done that before. Not this time!!

I know if I get you in a room with me for a day to share my step-by-step Facebook Marketing system you’ll leave with exactly what you need to start filling your business with new clients the very next week.

The reason I’ve started holding these events, is that I was hearing too many fit pros continue to tell me they were going to do this, they just hadn’t found the time yet…

Well, there’s no need to “find time” to get this done anymore, we are setting aside 8 hours one day to get it done, side by side!

We will have WiFi, laptops in hand, walking you step-by-step as you build your business one keystroke and mouse click at a time.

What’s It Worth To You To Have Someone Take
You By The Hand, And Lead You Straight To Success?

What would you be willing to pay to reduce all of the endless frustrations... the trial-and-error failures... the costly attempts at doing this yourself... and finally do what you know needs to be done that you’ve been putting off, all into a single day so you can start helping more people right away.

The average flyer campaign runs $500+

The average print ad in a newspaper costs $1000+

The average direct mail campaign runs $1500+

The average TV spot runs $5000+

The problem with all those marketing strategies never know what kind of clients you are going to get or if your ad even gets seen. The “magic” of Facebook Marketing is that you can target your IDEAL clients so you fill your business with only the people you WANT to work with. How smart and successful will you feel to know that in just one day, you can accomplish the goal of figuring out Facebook Marketing, that you’ve been struggling -- possibly for YEARS -- to achieve?

There is no other event where you will get taken step by step through setting up your entire unique Facebook client getting system… …

And all in just one day!  My Facebook Client Generating Machine online course sold for $497 and you had to do it yourself! But if you join me in Los Angles on July 20th, you’ll leave with an entire plan not only on paper, but uploaded and ready to deploy in your fitness business.   You’ll leave with everything you need to successfully start running profitable Facebook campaigns to transform your fitness business, all for just $497.

yes let me in

I think you’ll agree that’s a smart investment in exchange for being able to overcome your obstacles to learning Facebook marketing once and for all, and start getting new clients training with you right away!

Don’t Take Too Long To Think About It…Registration is LIMITED To Only 10People

So you want to act fast. There are only 10 6 seats available, and I don’t expect it to take long before they’re all taken.


... Once you register, you’ll get sent all the pre workshop material to make sure that you’ve got everything in order to dive straight in once we start on Sunday morning.

Due to the intense, “hands-on” nature of this event…where you WILL be producing “take-to-the-bank” marketing materials for you fitness business, seating has to stay limited to 10. This is a HARD and FAST limit. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Are You A Good Candidate for This?

Still sitting on the fence? Worried that this all sounds too good to be true?

I understand! After all, it’s hard to know who you can trust these days, and you want to be sure you’re spending your hard earned dollars on something that’s going to give you real RESULTS. But I’ll be frank with you. I don’t plan on running these intimate, hands workshops, for such a low price, beyond 2015.   If you figure you’ll wait till next year, expect to invest a lot more to attend this.

Who is this for?

  • You want to make more money in your fitness business.
  • You’re sick of the stress of trying to figure out how you’re going to get new clients.
  • You want to be able to market your business without spending a boatload on marketing that doesn’t convert.
  • You want to start running Facebook ads, but you’ve just not been able to find the time to “figure out” how to do it the right way.
  • You like the idea of having a proven automated Facebook marketing system, not just one-off experiments.
  • You’ve run ads on Facebook but you want to really maximize your efforts to their fullest potential.
  • You want tactical hands on experience on how to quickly and easily generate an effective marketing strategy to use over and over again, almost like simply pushing a button.
  • You want more time off and less stress because your business marketing is working to grow your business and you can finally afford more time off.

If you’ve answered YES to 3 or more of these truths, then the Facebook Client Generating Bootcamp was created for you!

Register NOW, And You’ll Be On Your Way To Having Your Own Push Button System to Grow Your Business and Get All the Clients You’ll Ever Need!

So now you have a choice to make...

You can continue struggling to learn how to turn your fans into actual clients on your own... and always be disappointed and frustrated with your lack of results…

...if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the same results you’ve always gotten.

You could spend your hard earned money on how-to books, videos and online courses. But let’s face it, life gets hectic and things get put aside and you never get a single step closer…

Or you can set aside a single day and leave with your own step-by-step system you need to transform your business, from someone who has helped fit pros across the world figure out how to grow their business with Facebook. While holding your hand the whole time, showing you exactly what it takes to generate more leads and turn them into paying clients.

That’s exactly what you get at the Facebook Client Generating Bootcamp. You leave armed and prepared with all the right moves that will attract customers automatically and all the steps completed, ready to start.

But you need to act fast because due to the intimate nature of this event, there are only 10 6 seats available.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique, live, in-person training that will help you grow you business fast.

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot NOW

P.S. It is “better to spend the day with a master than 10,000 years of study.” Just imagine the clarity and confidence you’ll leave with after spending the day finally being shown exactly what to do to turn Facebook into a client-generating machine!

When you sign up you will also get my Facebook Client Generating Machine Online Course for FREE! This course alone costs $497 and goes through every detail you’ll ever need to know about using Facebook and also includes FREE Lifetime Updates. That way whenever Facebook makes any major changes, the course gets updated.

So with this amazing bonus, alongside everything you’ll take away from the day, you’ll never need to spend another dime on any Facebook course every again.

You're Coverd By My 10X Guarantee

If you feel by the end of the day that you won’t be able to make back at least 10X what you invested by following the plan we laid out together, along with having me by your side for another 30 days afterwards, then I’ll happily give you your money back.

No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.