FPP #39 with Mike Robertson on Breathing & Physical Preparation

Mike Robertson

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This week I’ve on Mike Robertson on the podcast.  Mike’s has been around for over decade and has produced a ton of great information.  It’s long overdue to have him on the show and this could have easily turned into a full day of talking shop, but I decided to wrap it up after about 50 minutes as it’ was getting too close to Mike’s bedtime!

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • The difference between reaching and rowing and why these need to balance out
  • Common mistakes fit pros make
  • Whether or not you should be doing assessments
  • The truth about training breathing
  • What the R7 approach is and why you need to understand this
  • And so much more


Mentioned in the show:

Magnificent Mobility

Are you full of hot air video

Postural Restoration Institute

Find out more about the Todd Durkin Mastermind Institute CLICK HERE


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