The Fit Pro Podcast with AJ Roberts

Online Marketing with AJ Roberts

This week’s guest is AJ Roberts. AJ is pretty well known in both the powerlifting world where he was a world record holder, but also the online marketing world where he works with some of the best in the world. I know you’re going to love this episode as we talk about both how to become a better fit pro, but also how to utilize the internet to expand your reach.

To Find Out More About AJ:

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Why there is a massive influx of fit pro’s heading online
  • The biggest mistakes fit pro’s make when they try to start an online business
  • Where to start for beginners
  • The Biggest myth about the online world
  • What it takes to be successful online
  • How you become a leader without even trying


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Growth Hacking

The Fitpreneurs Podcast



2 thoughts on “The Fit Pro Podcast with AJ Roberts

  1. Christy Mishler

    Another GREAT podcast Scott!!!! I felt like A.J. was talking literally about me. I am listening to this one again.
    I need to figure out what your deal is Scott.
    You help give our TD mastermind group “nuggets” about social networking etc…
    What’s the next step? I’m sure that I can’t afford to hire you, but I know that you are working on some projects.
    Will that involve a step by step plan to help us with being smart with marketing on fb etc…?
    Thanks so much for all you do.
    Sometimes I feel like I am in over my head and out of my league with so many others. But, then I also think, “why not me”. I can do this too. 🙂 We are all unique and have different things to give and offer right???

    1. Scott Rawcliffe Post author

      Thank you SOOO much for the great feedback Christy! Don’t get overwhelmed, there will ALWAYS be someone who knows more than you in certain area’s but like you said, we all have unique abilities and callings. And OF COURSE it can be you!!


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