The Fit Pro Podcast Episode #27 with Elias Scarr

Results Fitness University

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This week’s guest is Elias Scarr. Elias is the membership director for Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, CA. This episode takes a look at a lot of the stuff that Mike Wunch spoke to us about in episode #19, but from the sales/new member orientation side of things. After this episode you’ll have a great idea of how to utilize personality profiling, as they do at Results Fitness, to improve your results with both clients and your business.

To Find Out More About Elias and Results Fitness University:

Elias on Facebook

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • How to use personality profiles to close more sales
  • The answer to the myth “Why trainers are bad at sales”
  • The 2 things to do to instantly improve your sales
  • 2 Tips to improve your marketing
  • Results Fitness referral method
  • Results Fitness #1 client getting strategy


Perform Better Ultimate Sandbag Clean & Press Charity Challenge



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