#1 Social Media Marketing Mistake Personal Trainers Make

Social Media Marketing for Personal Trainers

Do you know what the number one reason why Fit Pros are unable to turn their fans and followers into actual paying clients?
Well it typically comes back to the follow up system they have in place. A lot of people have a great structure for they social media channels. They write great posts, share interesting articles and give amazing tips to their fans. But it’s the follow up where most of them lose out on actually transitioning fans and followers into actual paying clients.


What are you doing beyond making a post on social media and just telling them about your special 14-day program, or your 6-week program, or any other kind of offer? Do you have anything set up to actually transition them from being a prospect to actually coming in your doors?

Facebook for Personal Trainers

Let me go through a couple of ideas that will help you get a follow up system in place in no time flat. I’m not going to go over a sophisticated system because if you don’t have one, anything is better than nothing.


The first one is pretty simple. What you can do is just ask them, but don’t ask for the DM. Saying “direct message me for more info” is not a follow up system because you’re putting the onus on them. If they’re extremely motivated, they might do that.


Instead, ask them for their name and phone number. This way you’re in charge of following up, which is your responsibility as a business owner. Now, I wouldn’t say just post it on the Facebook page, that’s not going to work, but send them to an opt in form.

Phone script for Personal Trainers

You can use free resources like, Wufoo or Typeform. Or what I would recommend is using LeadPages or ClickFunnels, to get their details. That would be ideal, but if you don’t have the budget for them, don’t let that stop you. Use one of the free options.


Once you get their name and phone number, what you want to do is have a script. Know what you are going to say on the phone, know what you are going to go over with them, so that you can actually lead them toward a sale. Don’t just call them up and talk away. It doesn’t have to be completely written out word for word. If you’re pretty comfortable on the phone and you’ve done a lot of sales calls before, you’ll know what to say. But before you call them, make sure to have some kind of script that leads them to actually getting them to come into your gym.


The reason why calling them is your best option is because you’re actually going to have a conversation with them. When you get the chance to talk to them, you’re able to develop rapport with them and that can go a long way.


The next best option is to get their email address. Again, I would recommend you use either LeadPages or ClickFunnels because they are easy to set up and they work really well. Next, what you want to do is have a sequence of emails (called an autoresponder sequence) written up and ready to send out. You want these structured in a way that leads them into coming into the gym.

email marketing for gyms

There’s a number of different ways to structure these autoresponders, but that’s a blog post in itself. But here is an easy way to put one together now. Write a list of 4-5 frequently asked questions you get. Each email will answer one of these questions, with your last email offering them to come in. Offering them something tangible like a success session or a nutrition consultation work well.


Now you can see this was not rocket science, but this is typically why a lot of personal trainers can’t turn their fans or followers into actual paying clients. They have no follow up system to lead them into their gym. This blog is really just scratching the surface on creating an extremely effective client-generating machine, but you have to have something in place before you can make it better.
So my challenge for you is to take the onus on yourself because the motivation levels in today’s society are extremely low. You want to build assets like their phone number and their email address so that you can be in charge of your business success. Now getting fans and followers to come into the is left up to how motivated you are…and the follow up Scsystem you just created after reading this blog.

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