Social Media Tips for Personal Trainers: Image Cheat Sheet

Social Media for Personal Trainers









Using visuals in your social media posts is absolutely essential.  Just look at what the new big players in the social world have been over the past few years…Instagram and Pinterest which are based on pictures.  And now you’ve got the emergence of live streaming video apps like Periscope (Which I think is going to be massive) and Meerkat!

But why have these channels become so popular?

It really comes back to how we learn and retain information, as this image from HubSpot shows you.

Instagram for Personal Trainers

But one big mistake is not creating images in the right size for the channel you’re posting on.  And with the ever changing world of social media, it is hard to keep up.  So here is a great resource from Canva that maps out exactly what sized images to use where.

The Complete Social Media Image Size Guide: With Awesome Design Tips [Infographic]

Now if you really want your posts to capture your audiences attention, I recommend using a great headline to go with your images.  Just like a headline will grab your attention in a magazine, so to will a great headline in your social media posts.  This works especially well for videos!

Now you know exactly what size your images should be and how to grab even more attention by adding a headline.  So use these two social media tips for personal trainers and get out there and capture your fans attention!


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