The EIE Formula for Facebook for Personal Trainers

Facebook for Personal Trainers









Are you Facebook posts not getting seem by many fans?

If you’re not following what I call the EIE Formula, then I think I know why!

A lot of Personal Trainers are getting frustrated with Facebook because they’re not getting as many fans to see their posts, and that they’re not getting as much engagement as they used to.

You’ve probably heard that Facebook changed their algorithm earlier this year and they want us to pay to play, but that’s only part of it. Part of the issue is your content, and it sucks.

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I am sorry I have to tell you that, but if no one is engaging in what you’re putting out there, it’s because your content is not very good. People aren’t liking, sharing, commenting, they’re not clicking on your posts. And the less they actually interact on your posts, the less likely your future posts are going to actually show up in their newsfeed.

It’s time to take some responsibility for that and start implementing the EIE formula.  This is key strategy to use for Facebook for Personal Trainers.

Basically, what I want you to do is this; every time you go to post something, I want you to ask yourself a question before you actually hit post.

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The first question is for the first E – “Is this educational?”  Part of what you should be doing on Facebook is educating the people that are actually on your newsfeed.  We want to educate them, we want to give them little bits of information…you want to “Give them results in advance.”

You want to help them get one step closer towards their goal, without actually having to come see you, because if you can give them some results – if you can show them that what you’re sharing is actually going to help them get the result they are after, they’re probably going to want to come in.  You want to create a dialogue in their mind like “If I am getting this information for free, what am I going get if I actually pay this person?”

If you help educate them you’ll stand out from your competition because a lot of trainers aren’t doing that. That’s part of what you NEED to do on Facebook.  So ask…does it educate, if it does post it…if it doesn’t move onto the next question.

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The next one is the “I” and you want to ask – Will this inspire someone?  That’s why motivational quotes and videos work so well…and that’s why they get shared so much. Unfortunately, the world we’re living in today is filled with people with low self-esteem.  There are a lot of people who aren’t real happy with their life, which is very unfortunate, but that’s where we come in!

We all need a little bit of inspiration. We all need to be empowered. Take a look and think, “Will this post inspire people?” Again, if it’s yes, post it…if it’s a no ask this last question.

Fitness Marketing The last one is, will it entertain them. I know that some people will say, “Well, it’s my business page. I shouldn’t be doing that.”  Well you couldn’t be more wrong.  People want to see your actual personal side of you.  Take people like Todd Durkin or Martin Rooney.  If you follow them on social media you pretty much 90% of who and what they are.

They actually want to see that side of you. People aren’t going onto Facebook or Instagram or Twitter thinking, “You know what, I need to find a personal trainer, I need to find a gym. Let me just jump on Facebook and I’ll probably be able to find it,”  That’s not what they are there for. They are there to escape reality. So if it fits your personality, entertain them.


That’s why Stupid Cat meme photos get shared so much – because people find them funny and they are on Facebook as an escape, they’re there to be entertained.  So if the answer to this E is yes, post it…but if you’ve answered no to all three then it’s back to the drawing board.

That’s the EIE Formula, so before you think about letting everyone know you went poo-poo or you just went beast mode at the gym, or you just ate your most epic cheat meal, ask yourself, does this follow the EIE, because if it doesn’t, don’t post on there because no one wants to see that.

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