The Fit Pro Podcast with Dr Emily Splichal



This week we’ve got our first ever female guest, Dr Emily Splichal. Dr Emily is a podiatrist and human movement specialist from New York and she’s also the founder of the Eviedence Based Fitness Academy. Dr Emily is an expert on barefoot training, putting together the most comprehensive courses on the subject, as well as speaking about this topic around the world. She’s been a consultant to companies like Nike, Trigger Point Therapy and Crunch Fitness, as well as a guest on THE Oprah show.

To Find Out More About Dr Emily:

What We Cover in This Episode:

    • The Future of Footwear
    • The big toe’s influence on movement
    • The truth about orthotics
    • Dispelling the myths about barefoot training
    • Whether clients should train barefoot
    • The Vibram lawsuit
    • Progressions to training barefoot
    • And so much more

Resources Covered in This Episode:

Evidence Based Fitness Academy

Short Foot Video

Short Foot Article by Dr Emily

Yamuna Foot Wakers

Melt Method

Reflexi Foot

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