The Fit Pro Podcast with Jarod Cogswell



This week’s guest is Jarod Cogswell from Enterprise Athlete He’s been in the fitness industry for 20 years and done a multitude of things. Jarod is an author, an in demand speaker and consultant who has spent a lot of time in the big box industry but has recently moved to the studio/small training gym arena. During his time working in big boxes he’s helped increase revenues to over $8 million, drove personal training revenue to over $1 million, as well as increasing memberships by 2000 plus. So needless to say, he’s got a proven track record.

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Jarod’s Work Like An Athlete concept
  • Building a Great Team
  • Hiring & Firing Staff
  • Retention Tools
  • Top Lessons from working in a big box
  • Team building
  • The clubs within a club concept

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Todd Durkin

Fitness Quest 10

Thomas Plummer