The Fit Pro Podcast with Jason Glass


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In this episode I’ve got fellow Canadian, Jason Glass, on the show. Jason owns and operates Tour Performance Lab and Kinetica Golf Performance in Vancouver BC; specializing in training rotary athletes, biomechanics, physical assessments and functional strength training. As well as being the head strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian National Team and head of the Titliest Performance Institutes Advisory Board. So basically, he knows his stuff.

To find out more about Jason go to:

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • Speed Development for Athletes
  • Deceleration training for athletes and general population
  • Some unique research on rotational power
  • Screening clients
  • What to do with the information you get from a screen/assessment
  • The real benefit to going to industry events
  • Kenny Powers

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Titleist Performance Institute

Tom House

Perform Better 3 Day Summit

The 4X4 Matrix Article


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