The Fit Pro Podcast with Martin Rooney


EPISODE #12 – Martin Rooney

You are in for a treat this week because Martin Rooney absolutely crushed this episode! Martin is a pioneer in the strength and conditioning field when it comes to martial arts and speed training. To just touch on what Martin has done, he is the creator of Training for Warriors, an author of 5 books, and he’s trained some of the world’s best athletes. Oh and did I mention he’s one hell of a motivator?!

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What We Cover in This Episode:

  • The 2 F’s of Success
  • Martin’s Secrets to Success
  • The Current State of the Fitness Industry
  • The Good, Bad & Ugly of Metabolic Training
  • How to be a World Class Coach
  • Secrets to Motivation
  • The Truth about Childhood Obestity
  • And SOOOO Much More

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Parisi Speed School

Training for Warriors Australia Workshop

The TFW Dojo

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