The Fit Pro Podcast – Episode #1



On this episode of the Fit Pro Podcast, I interviewed Todd Durkin. We covered what it takes to create a world class culture at his gym Fitness Quest 1o. If you are ever in San Diego, make it a point to go check it out! The staff there is top notch and they over deliver every time I’ve ever been there. And that was the second topic. Attracting and developing amazing trainers and staff members.

We also went on to talk about leadership, and one of the things that I took away was always asking your clients for feedback. I know that it’s easy to stay where it’s comfortable and assume we are doing a great job, but it’s amazing what you find out when you ask. I went straight to the gym that day and asked a couple of clients for some feedback and I found out some valuable insights. So go have the breakfast of champions…feedback!

We finished off talking about what it takes if you want to become a presenter. So if this is one of your goals make sure you don’t turn it off too early.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How Todd creates a world class culture
  • How to attract (and keep) great staff
  • Leadership skills for trainers and business owners
  • How to become a presenter

The 7 Day Action Blueprint

  • Get some quiet time daily
  • Ask for feedback
  • Read
  • If you want to present, write down the date for your first talk

Resources mentioned in this episode include:


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