The Fit Pro Podcast with Cody Sipe

How to Train Baby Boomers

This week’s guest is Cody Sipe. Cody has a PhD, is the co founder of the Functional Aging Institute and is an associate professor at Harding University. He’s also spoke at some of the major fitness conventions like IDEA World Fitness Convention, FILEX, CanFitPro, Asia Fit, Club Industry, ICAA, ACE and was the winner of the IDEA Program Director of the Year in 2005. Cody’s passion is training baby boomers and educating fit pro’s on how to both train and market to this lucrative demographic.

To Find Out More About Cody:

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Why Fit Pro’s should take a second look at training boomers
  • The 2 myths about training boomers that drives Cody crazy
  • What you need to know, that’s not common knowledge, when training boomers
  • The key things to focus on when training boomers
  • Why training boomers and athletes are very similar
  • How to market to boomers
  • What types of media work to bring boomers into your facility
  • What to never say when marketing to this demographic


Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

The Never Grow Old Fitness Program


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